cene where the young lady’s stepfather was grabbing her hair and beating her non-stop.
The young man rushed inside, wanting to stop her stepfather, but the latter only became more and more vicious.
Just as the young man was about to be overpowered, in a moment of desperation, the young lady picked up the statue of a Buddha from the table and swung it down, a bright red streak of blood gave the small overcast town a smear of an ominous colour.
The sensation and shock that Shen Yu brought to the film were almost akin to the human feelings felt the first time they found out about how the Earth was actually not the centre of the universe.
He never thought a film could be expressed this way, never thought that it could be so preposterous yet real, nothing like a typical film where a group of good looking men and women wept endlessly on screen.
Even until the film had ended, when a rare snow fell along with the show curtain, Shen Yu was still drowning in the desperate atmosphere to which he could feel etched deep in his bones.
“There was no other way, Mr Zhou, hahaha, hahaha.” “This was your senior from the film directing faculty, Zhong Simo’s first work.
It was aired not long ago and he is only a year older than you guys,” a strict and graceful old lecturer, who wore a pair of golden glasses and had a head full of grey hair, said on the stage proudly, “Films are a type of art.
He’ll surely be recognised for his artwork in the Chinese moviedom.” Zhong Simo made a name for himself far quicker than the old lecturer had predicted.
Perhaps, the declining Chinese moviedom that year was the reason.
Zhong Simo relied on the “Innocence” emergence as a force to be reckoned with and swept away awards and prizes from each and every major film festival.
The female lead actress, Jin Ke, also became the youngest female actress to have won an Oscar.
Since then, Zhong Simo’s name had become a legend that never dulled in the entertainment circle for the next ten years.
Ten years later, Shen Yu, who felt encouraged by that class and found his path to work hard towards, struggled in the filming set of a third-rated film adaptation.
Shen Yu shook his head as he mocked himself.
He stood up, deciding to standby at the filming location.
Yet, before he left the door, he folded those pieces of A4 paper and put them carefully into his bag.

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