id not want to give it up just like that no matter what.
Besides, there was no way an actor or actress did not have an ounce of ambition with regards to their acting career.
The piece of work that made a name for Zhong Simo, “Innocence”, was filmed during his student days.
There were no conflicts in interests, it was a film that could best showcase his thoughts and logic.
Zhong Simo himself had also mentioned several times during his interviews that “Innocence” was a piece of work that he was the most satisfied with.
Shen Yu had watched that film many times.
Along with the increase of his age, there would always be a new discovery or perception every time he watched it again.
And this time, he decided to watch “Innocence” once more from a different perspective.
The young lady strained to carry the Buddhist statue and swung it towards the back of her stepfather’s head, the scene pushing the film into a small climax.
The Buddhist statue, which was supposed to be worshipped and symbolise purity, had become a weapon to hurt others.
This was the first time the young lady had a chance to resist.
She had seemingly lost her mind and her pair of eyes were red through and through.
She smashed it over and over again robotically, her veins bulging and visible on her forehead as she sobbed indistinctly.
When the young lad finally caught his breath and hurried over to stop her, it was already too late.
The camera followed the Buddhist statue that fell onto the ground from the young lady’s hand, skipping over the stepfather whose skull was already exposed on the back of his head, as the statue rolled over to the corner of the walls and stopped.
And for the whole one plus minutes afterwards, the camera did not move anymore.
It was fixed on the Buddhist statue’s face which was smiling benevolently and stained with blood.
Only the young man’s and the young lady’s voices could be heard.
“H-He is dead.
Police, we need to call the police.” The young man’s voice was frenetic.

Zhou, I’m scared.
Will I end up in jail? Will everyone point their fingers at me and blame me? I… I-I…” It was probably because she heard the word “police”, that the young lady’s voice was dyed with anxiety and hopelessness as she sobbed.
“Don’t be scared, don’t be scared.
Let me think,” The young man finally remembered his duty as a teacher and forced himself to calm down as he tried his hardest to recall his vague knowledge of the law.
“You’re already over 14 years old and murder is considered one of the eight major crimes*, so you can’t be free from blame… No, this is reasonable self-defence, excessive self-defence…” (T/N*: There are 8 major crimes in Chinese law: 1.) Intentional murder, 2.) Intentional assault, 3.) Rape, 4.) Robbery, 5.) Commit arson, 6.) Explosives, 7.) Smuggling and drugs, 8.) Circulating dangerous substances.) “Mr.
Zhou!” The young lady exclaimed suddenly when the young man was still mumbling anxiously to himself.
Another loud thud from a heavy object was sounded before the screen became completely black.
Shen Yu pressed the pause button at that scene.
The way this shot was handled was very stereotypically “Zhong Simo’s style”.
The shot was never focused on the characters when a conflict happened.
Instead, the shot was completely facing another direction, unmoving.
It seemed absurd and yet, the effect was outstanding.
This segment of the film had been singled out and analysed many times by various film reviewers.
In the end, everyone unanimously agreed that the success of that scene was thanks to the enormous visual impact the blood-stained Buddhist statue brought to the viewers as the sounds from outside the shot could be heard but the characters could not be seen.
The mental anxiety coincided perfectly with the atmosphere of that particular scene.
In addition, the loud thud that sounded when the scene turned dark also left behind sufficient suspense.
With the combination of these few points, the film perfectly reflected Zhong Simo’s exceptional talent.
Shen Yu initially thought that this answer alone was already perfect but now that he watched the film again from another perspective, he discovered a hint of difference.
Other than showing off the director’s techniques, the displacement and stillness of the camera shots also seemed to have revealed a hint of the director or the cameraman’s pity and silent sorrow.
Was that what Zhong Simo was going for? Shen Yu was so lost in his thoughts as he pondered over the film, only to be shocked out of his trance by the sudden ringing from his phone.
“Hello, Sister Mei.” “Shen Yu, explain your relationship with that Wan Sheng right now.” Mei Fei’s interrogation came right at him the moment he picked up the call.
Wan Sheng… Shen Yu was startled as he recalled what happened at the filming set earlier this afternoon.
“We’re not related in any way.
What happened, Sister Mei?” Shen Yu could not help but speak quickly in times of urgency.
“Great, seems like you were taken advantage of because of your temporary popularity from appearing as one of the hot searches,” Mei Fei sucked in a breath and regained her calmness as she described the situation to Shen Yu, “There were 30 to 40 marketing accounts posting about your scandal with Wan Sheng online ten minutes ago.
They even posted a picture and video.
It’s probably going to start trending soon.” “The other party has clearly prepared for this.
What do you think we should do?”

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