Having the Same Name as the Demon Lord of the Abyss


The moment his wrist was grabbed, there was the feeling that his whole body was falling into a bottomless cold cellar, opening up every single pore on his body.
He couldn’t stop trembling with fear, forgetting all resistance.

Until——click, a sound.

The dazzling light made Ye Zun subconsciously turn away, blinking away the void from his eyes.

A dim light filled the small, cramped bedroom.
It wasn’t anything bright, but having the light suddenly turn on in the middle of the night was enough to dispel the fear he felt in the dark.

Ye Zun’s entire body softened with the feeling of escaping from death.

The instigator who suddenly grabbed his wrist turned his head slightly to look at him, the face that had just woken up from sleep showing an innocent and curious look.
His eyes were bored, but still warm.
“What are you doing, out of bed in the middle of the night?”

Ye Zun leaned against the wall.
The bump on his throat rolled slightly, and there was a feeling of exhaustion.
His head was still turned, not daring to look, only brave enough to glance over the area.
“There’s a ghost.”

Shen Yuan didn’t loosen the grasp around his wrist and when he heard these words, he stared at him, startled and still.
He gave a cautious smile with a ‘still well-tempered even though I was scolded for no reason’ expression, looking at him on goodwill.
“Uh, are you hinting something about me?” 

An innocent and harmless ‘I want to know what I did wrong, but I don’t dare to ask’ expression.

Ye Zun: “……”

Indeed, from an outsider’s view, it was just like he was scared by Shen Yuan who suddenly grabbed his wrist.

Ye Zun sighed helplessly, and did not blame the man for grabbing himself out of nowhere.
“How did the light turn on?” 

The light switch, he remembered, needed someone to stand on the ground and pull the rope hanging from the light bulb to turn on.

Shen Yuan opened his mouth and laughed, happily saying, “The secret is this, look——”

He opened his fist and lying on his palm was a remote control with the simple style of a small toy, with two up-down triangle switches.

As cheerful as a schoolboy who finally got the chance to show off his new toy.

“Isn’t it great? Even a rope-switch lamp can be controlled remotely.”

Ye Zun understood.
So the light suddenly turned off before they went to bed at night because this person secretly played with the remote control.

After figuring it out, Ye Zun was not angry.
He calmed down, his eyes serious as he looked at Shen Yuan.
“During the day, did you see your dad?”

“En?” Shen Yuan blinked and watched him in a lax manner.
“I didn’t pay attention, but why are you asking all of a sudden?”

“At dinnertime, Mum came in, and her mental state was not quite right.
She told me,” Ye Zun spoke slowly, continuing after a brief pause, “told me, the night before yesterday, Dad was injured at work and sent to the hospital.
She unplugged Dad’s respirator, and Dad went brain dead.”

Shen Yuan’s unmoving eyes watched him, as if he hadn’t realised the relationship between the man who was said to have died and himself.

Ye Zun pursed his lips slightly.
“But, yesterday morning, I saw Dad at home, alive, very normal, and he could even curse people out.
On the contrary, Mum’s mental state…I’m not sure about her.”

Shen Yuan paused.
Under Ye Zun’s concerned gaze, he frowned slowly, looking serious.
“That really is dangerous and complicated ah.”

His reaction was more sensible than Ye Zun expected.
Even so, Ye Zun still let out a heavy breath.
“It is ah.
I wanted to get up early tomorrow morning to see the situation again.
If Dad doesn’t come back, I will directly report to the police.”

Shen Yuan frowned with a worried look, and said while facing him, “You’re right.” 

The other party was rarely exhibiting this normal behaviour and standing on the same wavelength as him, which made Ye Zun feel a little relieved, and at the same time he happened to remember something.

“Wait, give me a second.”

Ye Zun lifted the pillow, hand fumbling for a while under the bedding before bringing out a beautiful notebook, handing it over to Shen Yuan.

“What’s this? A love letter for me?”

“It’s not, it’s something that could be hiding important clues.
There’s some reasons why, but I need you to read it, can you?”

The language of this world could be understood automatically when it entered Ye Zun’s ears, but the same couldn’t be said for text on paper.

Ye Zun originally planned to take it to school tomorrow and ask the priest to read it to him, but if Shen Yuan is reliable, it seems that he can try to get the other to read it now.

After all, the two of them were now considered to be in the same camp.

Shen Yuan took the notebook, laid back on the bed and at the same time patted the empty space beside him.

A slightly puzzled Ye Zun, who sat up and was waiting for his translation: “……?”

Shen Yuan: “A situation like reading a secret diary, naturally, we must lie in bed together, otherwise, how will there be the right ambience?”

——An inexplicable ceremonial feeling.

Ye Zun didn’t want to waste time and energy on such small details, complying with the other’s words and lying back on the bed, looking up at the painted white ceiling.

The greying-white on the ceiling reminded him of the pale little face of the small girl in the dark.
It really was terrifying, but the thought of her eating her own hand was both terrifying and inexplicably pitiful at the same time.

——This thirteen-or-fourteen year old girl, who is she?

“I’m going to start reading oh.”


【 “To kiss, what does it feel like?” 】

Ye Zun: “……?”

He was originally lying down and looking at the ceiling, but immediately turned his head to look at Shen Yuan by his pillowside.

Shen Yuan’s gaze was fixed on the opened diary.
He narrated at a low and gentle speed, reading with his full concentration:

【 “Like lips softly touching the cherry blossoms in spring, carefully and warily holding a breath, heart jumping with wonderful pulsation, and a small deer raised in captivity on the tip of the heart dances freely.”

“To kiss, it feels like this,” that person said.

But, could she have made a mistake?

Coming in contact with another person’s tongue is like being compelled to step on an earthworm on a rainy day, accidentally eating a snail raw.

The idea of exchanging saliva, no matter how you think about it, the only correct feeling is dampness.

Just thinking about it, I feel every inch of my skin slowly decaying.

So why is it that people want to kiss another person, sleeping together on one bed, saying they like it?

I can’t even bear just thinking about it.
Why would a person want to do this kind of thing with another person? 】

Shen Yuan turned his eyes slightly, moving to look at Ye Zun, who was watching him from his side.
The corners of his lips seemed to be curved at the smallest degree, but his dark eyes looked particularly innocent, watching him curiously.
“Is this your diary? Why do you want me to read it? Did you want to discuss the physiological and psychological knowledge of puberty with me?”

Ye Zun: “It isn’t, I didn’t.”

Shen Yuan didn’t care what he said at all, blinking in an undisciplined manner.
He was using an arm as a pillow and had a seemingly non-existent smile on his face.
The depths of his eyes were dark, but the gaze he watched him with were very clear, displaying boredom and laziness.
“It’s okay, if you want to know what a kiss feels like, you can tell me directly, there’s no need to be embarrassed.”

Ye Zun’s fingers went up and kneaded his ears uncomfortably.
“I said it’s not mine, it’s someone else’s.
Give back the notebook ba.”

It was still better for him to go to the priest tomorrow for the translation ba.

Shen Yuan didn’t intend to return the diary.
He took a long glance at the ears that had been pinched red and said arrogantly, “Can’t do ah, I haven’t finished reading it yet.
If I open a book and don’t finish reading it, I won’t be able to fall asleep.”

Ye Zun let out a sigh.
“Got it, you can continue ba.”

Then, he was forced to listen to the recitation of this prose.
The narration of this flowery style of obscure writing took up half the night.

This diary was not like a diary recorded by a normal person, who would write about what happened on a certain day, a certain month, and what the recorder’s mood is.
On the contrary, it was filled with large paragraphs describing the scenery.

Even the descriptions of scenery were difficult to understand, and after listening to a few sections, it was like a hypnosis that made people unconsciously empty their brains.

Ye Zun wanted to resist the strong sense of deprivation at first, putting in his utmost effort to concentrate on listening.

But after a few pages of landscape prose, it fell into the dialogue of a play, written like a day-to-day account.

God knows, why would anyone write a play in their diary?

The contents of the play was vaguely about everything, everywhere, whispering and complaining about stuff——

The floor complains about people stepping on it, the air complains that the lights are too dazzling, even the walls complain that after standing up all night, they still must continue to stand, and the darkness complains that the person who woke up was too noisy…

Like listening to the imperial edict being read on the stage in class, no matter how much you try to extract useful information, in the end, you will still be unable to resist and fall over.

“Hurry and sober up, let’s listen to it together.
It’s written with so much meaning.
The owner of the diary is definitely a genius artist.”

Compared to Ye Zun’s quick surrender, Shen Yuan read with relish, and he even kept trying to wake Ye Zun up for them to listen to it together.

Ye Zun heard it all, but couldn’t open his eyes at all, burying his face in the blanket in resistance, trying to get rid of his voice.

But how could a person like Shen Yuan know what ‘consideration’ and ‘stop while you’re ahead’ meant?

He was very interested and persevering, his finger poking Ye Zun’s cheek as he said with boredom, “Didn’t you say there are important hints to a puzzle? Wake up quickly and listen with me ah.”

“You read it ba, I’m listening.” Ye Zun didn’t have the strength to open his eyes and stop Shen Yuan, so he settled for the next best thing, thinking that this person will stop when he gets tired of reading.
He will, won’t he?

However, he underestimated Shen Yuan’s vigour.
“That can’t do ah, you must be awake to listen.
How boring is it if it’s just me appreciating this alone ah? Hurry and wake up, stay with me…”

“You are so annoying…” Ye Zun frowned at this troublesome thing.
The disintegration of his consciousness was basically in complete shambles, and he instinctively grabbed the hand that was persistently harassing him, pressing it between the blanket and his face, not letting go.

——This way, I can restrain the opponent ba.

Shen Yuan’s voice cut off abruptly.

The hand that had been grabbed, the back of the hand was stuck against the warm cheek.
For a human’s body temperature, the temperature near the neck was different from the temperature of other parts of the body; it is delicate, soft and fragile, as if touching the pulsating life in the blood vessels under the skin.

It was a strange feeling.
The forbidden area to end mortality that he never hesitated to strangle, for the first time, someone voluntarily delivered it to his palm.

Just like a defenseless small bird who temporarily perched on a branch in a swamp.

The being at the top of the food chain in the swamp, on the contrary, was the cautious one, lest the other party notices it and breaks out of his relaxing nap into a sudden panic, flying away without hesitation.

Ye Zun, who was finally sleeping at ease, felt uncomfortable with that hand poking at him in this position, and moved unconsciously.

He closely watched silently for a moment, his dark eyes revealing a clear curiosity and caution.
When the other person moved, his brain became a blank slate, like a whale that was suddenly caught in mid-air.
His breathing stagnated as he held the air slightly, losing all reaction.

Was, was he discovered? So fast.

However, the warm feeling remained.
The other person didn’t push him away, he just…rubbed gently against him, shifting closer.


【 There has never been life or temperature in the forbidden area of the Abyss.
By chance, in the heart of the swamp, It saw an unknown flower radiating a dissolving glow.

Is it the moonlight that broke through the shadows falling from darkness?

It couldn’t help but poke Its head to take a look, curiously and tentatively poking at the apparition in the swamp.

However, the faint star white did not dissipate, and, it even turned over and caught It .

The Beast who was caught, ceased moving, cautious and solemn, holding Its breath.

——Yes, it is soft.

The Abyss also wants to know, what does it feel like to kiss?

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