A warm sunlight escaped from the curtain that was there to block the window, it cast down on the face of a young man who was awakened by the sudden light.

He opened his eyes and yawned, still sleepy.

The youth adjusted his position on the bed and turned his face away from the sunlight to sleep again but…..


He suddenly sat up on his bed when he heard a loud noise downstairs.

The young man removed the quilt thats covering his body and stood up from his bed.

Walked towards the door and opened it to see what was happening.

Can blame him,if he wants to watch the show. All of us were like this,don even think about denying it.

His room was located beside the stair so he could see what was happening downstairs just standing in front of his door.

He saw a girl sitting on the floor,repeatedly wiping his face.

Looks like shes crying.

Then a guy who was confronting the other one.

A typical scenario of bullying the weak and the other giving justice, with this he closed the door again and went back to his bed,closed his eyes to sleep again.

He has seen so many people like that from his past life so hes not interested anymore but he can help but stand up again and march his two legs and feet to go downstairs.

He can fall asleep anymore because of that.

When he finally reached the first floor the scene changed. Now the two guys had a sword on their hand,it seems like they planned to fight and ruined this place.

He shook his head while trying to calm himself down. Who won get angry?!

It was only 7 in the morning and this happened,ruining his sleep,damn it.

He sat in the place where he ate yesterday and also ordered the food he ate yesterday.

While waiting for his meal he put his hand on his chin and supported his arms by putting his elbow on the table.

Gazing at the cliché in front of him.

He can hear what they were saying because hes too far away from them, thats why he can only watch.

The owner then came and said something which caused the two guys to sheath their sword back and stop.

The hero helps the girl to stand then gives the villain who bullied the girl a sharp death glare.

If looks could kill maybe this bully guy was dead on the spot.

The bully went back to his seat and continued to eat his food while the hero escorted the girl to go somewhere that he didn know.

After a while the waiters placed his food on his front,he then started to eat quietly.

Finishing his meal,he stood up on his seat, walked towards the counter and tossed a silver coin on the owner.

The cheapest food he ordered was only a copper coin so paying a silver means you still have a change but he didn care to wait for his change anymore and quickly went outside the inn to roam the City and shop for clothes.

He walked here and there,looking left and right and also stopped by some side stalls to see their products.

An hour passed before he saw a clothes store which had an average look.

He went inside and started to roam his gaze, whenever he saw a clothe he liked he first checked its price before collecting them.

He brought 5 white sleeve clothes and 3 black pants. He also brought a shoe for himself to the counter and paid for it with only 10 silver coins.

The cashier put the clothes inside another bag and gave it to the youth in front of her.

The youth smiled and said thank you, turned around then left that store.

He went back to the inn to go to the owner to ask where he could take a bath.

The owner told him in detail about the bathroom and its location beside the kitchen.

Half an hour had passed, he went to his room to change his clothes and toss his old one aside.

Lay down on the bed and sleep again.

It was already 5 in the afternoon when he woke up again,he sat up on his bed and arranged himself before going downstairs to eat dinner.

Same table, same food,the waiter didn even bother to ask him and just gave him a cup of water then told him that his order will be finished after half an hour.

As he was drinking his water he heard the two guys behind him talking.

”They said that the North Empire sent their precious prince back here to the Empire as a sign of a temporary peace. ”

”Right?I also heard some guards saying that the General might spare the whole North Empire because of it. ”

”Really?!But it should still be agreed by his Majesty,right? ”

”True ”

General? Surrender?Precious prince?North Empire?Why does it sound familiar to me?

”The people were still waiting for the General to announce his Majestys decision. ”

Said the other to the person in front of him.

As the latter was about to speak again the youth who was quietly listening to their conversation put his cup of water back to the table and turned around to the two guys behind him and asked.

”Amm Im sorry for cutting at your conversation but may I know this Generals name you were talking about? ”

The two guys looked at him for a moment,looked at each other for a second before the latter answered his question.

”It was General Sean Han. The youngest General of our Empire,you didn know him? ”

Hearing them he dazed,staring at nowhere.



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