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bid, every plate of cells cultured, every piece of paper I made Every fluorescent staining has a belief.
This belief is you, and every Huntington patient like you.
It is not important to me to become a so-called expert two days earlier and know a few more molecules than others.
What I want to insist on is This belief, but Su Weian, where is your belief?”


Throw it away, from the moment you know the result of the genetic test.


She is a good student, and she memorizes the contents of the textbooks most firmly.
She reminds herself every day that the mechanism is unknown and the treatment needs to be studied.
In this way, all her expectations for the future have been bit by bit, and she has the mentality of living every day.
Life has also become a lot easier, and even the final decision to be with him is to have fun in time, but it has become what it is now in a daze.


He asked her where her beliefs were, she lowered her arms, smiled dejectedly, and was speechless.


I don't know how long it took, as if she finally found her voice, she said as lightly as possible: “With the belief that Huntington's treatment method will be developed, every day will be very disappointing.”


Such a distant goal, a goal that can never be reached, if it is taken seriously, how can we bear such disappointment to despair?


Being sick is already sad, and she doesn't want to make her life any more sad.


“I can not do it.”


The last four words are her honesty.


“Then let me do it.” He pulled her into his arms and said word by word, “I will bear all the disappointments, and your belief is me.”


He wants her to hand over all the burdens of this life to him, and he will bear all the pressure and experience all the disappointments for her, and all she has to do is trust him, and she will persevere for him.


He is not afraid of anything, but he is afraid that she will give up first.


Su Wei'an buried her face in his chest, she believed that all his words were sincere, and it would be false if he said that he was not moved, but it would be fine to listen to such words as love words, how could such a big matter be so simple as he said ?


She was silent for a while, then muffled, “Why are you so self-righteous?”


Without hesitation, he said, “Because I was right.”


Su Wei'an didn't say anything more.
Frankly speaking, she no longer knew what was right and what was wrong in this matter.
Gu Yunzheng had his reasons, and he always had his reasons.
She is transparent, anyway, she can't talk to him, but she just sincerely hopes that he won't regret it, otherwise she will resent herself.


Su Wei'an thought for a while and said, “Although I'm younger than you, I can't say enough about you, but I hope you will think about what I said occasionally.
What if there is some truth to it?”


The words she told him to give up?


Gu Yunzheng responded: “I thought about it, and what you said makes sense.”


“Then you still…”


He hugged her tightly and said, “It's not as good as you.”


His words made her heart warm and itchy, but she said firmly: “Don't keep coaxing me with these words, I'm not one of those little girls who are easy to lie to!”


“You mentioned that you were young first.”


Su Wei'an provocatively said: “I'm younger than you, I just remembered after careful calculation, you are six years older than me!” But then changed the subject, as if to comfort him, “But it's okay, there is a saying It's not that you go through the detour first, and you eat the loss first, so you can protect me.”


Think he is old?


Gu Yunzheng looked at her expressionlessly, and said, “I haven't gone through any detours, and I haven't suffered any losses.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


show off!


He added: “Instead of avoiding the same mistakes by taking detours all over the place, it is better to improve your IQ.”


Su Wei'an: “…”


He paused for a while, and asked with a straight face on purpose, as if he didn't care, “Do you think there is a big age difference between six years old?”


Su Wei'an thought in his heart: It's not small! Six years old, that is to say, when you went to college, I was still in elementary school!


But of course she couldn't say it in front of Associate Professor Gu, so she shook her head resolutely and said, “It's not big, not at all.”


Gu Yunzheng nodded in satisfaction and said, “Go out, I'll cook.”


Su Wei'an quickly declined: “No, I want to cook.”


Gu Yunzheng still said expressionlessly: “The dishes you cook are all a bit salty.
In order to avoid high blood pressure, let me do it.”


Su Wei'an was taken aback, and asked, “Then why didn't you say it earlier?”


Gu Yunzheng tidied up the dishes she had washed without raising her head, and said, “I'm afraid you will be ashamed.”


Although Su Wei'an's first cell test has verified that the drug HDQ199 may indeed affect vascular endothelial cells in the molecular pathway, there is still a long way to go from the cell test to the human body.
In the next step, they need to complete the real animal model validation in .


The transgenic model mice of Huntington's chorea are expensive, and Su Wei'an has completely become the “grandmother” of these experimental mice.
He waits on them every day from dawn to dusk, and of course, feeds them the drug HDQ199 one by one.


After three months of raising, the experiment was finally completed, but it was unexpected that the results were consistent with those reported by the previous drug manufacturer, all of which were negative, and no aneurysm was found.


Although knowing that the incidence rate is very low and the number of experimental rats they dealt with in the first batch is limited, it is indeed possible for this to happen, but facing such a result, Su Wei'an still feels very heavy.


The male colleague in the same laboratory looked at her expression and guessed that the result was not good, and said sarcastic remarks while doing his own experiment: “Although it is unclear what the first experiment result is not good, since you decided to do this topic I will I think this result can’t be good.
The preliminary experiments of other people’s pharmaceutical factories are not done for nothing.
You can’t understand it in the whole world…
What an expensive experimental mouse, it’s a waste of money if you continue to do this.
Why bother with Professor Wen’s Can't pass the experimental medicine? Why don't you change the topic as soon as possible!”



Pebbles hitting rocks is probably the most appropriate way to describe them.
Su Weian understood what his colleague meant, but the three experimental subjects had multiple aneurysms, and their cell experiments did verify the effects of the drug on the cell level.
The most important thing is that an aneurysm was also reported in the earliest animal experiments.
It would be too self-deceiving to say that it was a coincidence.
She never believed that their topic selection was a waste of effort!


After completing the first batch of experimental data records, Su Wei'an let out a long sigh.
She still has to persevere anyway.
She is preparing to regroup and work overtime to complete the second batch of experiments.
Maybe if she is lucky enough, she will encounter a positive result.
, but was stopped by Gu Yunzheng: “I thought about it carefully.
Although I absolutely believe that our initial hypothesis is correct, our funds are limited and the number of model mice is limited.
It is difficult to verify such a small probability event.


Su Wei'an was startled, looked at Gu Yunzheng with some surprise, and asked, “So you mean…don't do it?”


Gu Yunzheng shook his head and said, “No, I mean we need to change the conditions so that a small probability event becomes a high probability event, so that we are not just trying luck.”


“Become a high probability event?” Su Wei'an thought for a moment and understood what he meant, “You mean…”


“That's right, I carefully recalled the situation of the three patients with aneurysms.
As Professor Wen said, all three of them had high blood pressure.
If the vascular endothelium of patients with high blood pressure is more sensitive to HDQ199, this can also explain current results.”


Su Wei'an nodded and said, “I understand, we need to create a model of high blood pressure on model mice.”


“Well, but this will take longer, won't it be very hard for you?”


Su Wei'an shook his head, and replied: “It's what I want to do, there is no hard work, it's just Yun Zheng, the funds…”


Gu Yunzheng’s National Natural Science has not even announced the results.
The current experiment is supported by the cooperation with the Department of Internal Medicine.
The experimental plan is temporarily changed.
Once there is an accident in the National Natural Science application, they will “run out of food”.
This time the animal experiment Neither can be completed.


Gu Yunzheng naturally knew her worry, and comforted her: “Don't think too much, just leave it to me.”


Of course it's impossible not to worry, so why is China so good? But Su Weian knew that his anxiety was useless except to distract him, so he nodded obediently and said, “Okay.”


Creating a high blood pressure model was a lengthy process.
Due to funding problems, she had nothing else to do during this period, and entered a period of no output.


The news spread the fastest in the department, and she became a negative example of “doing nothing” in the department.
From time to time, in the corridor, Zhou Qinan would run into hurried steps, and the other party would stop her: “Hey, Xiao Su, help me send this document to you.” Go to the administrative building, anyway, if you are idle, you are idle.”


Or: “Hey, Xiao Su, help our team clean up the incubator, anyway, you are idle if you are idle.”


Su Wei'an has no reason to refuse, especially when this group of graduate students are facing graduation, and Wen Ran, who has lost the chance of staying in the hospital, is out of production and can't work in the department.
The department is short of people, and Su Wei'an The assigned tasks will be completed very quickly.
After a few times, the people in the department use her more and more smoothly.
She travels between various departments of the hospital every day.


But this kind of work does not mean that the more people do it, the more popular it will be.
The news that the experiment is not going well spreads all over the general department quickly, and everyone looks at her with the meaning of “just so”.
When she sent the document with the official seal back to the doctor's office, she overheard the discussion inside: “So what if Su Wei'an stayed instead of Wen Ran? She's just here to raise mice and run errands.
Wen Ran went to Zhanghe Hospital and is still a surgeon with a bright future.”


“Who says it's not? Where do you study medicine? You can quit as soon as you say it, and you can come back if you say it.
Doctor of medicine and assistant researcher, this is already a grade difference!”


Su Wei'an stood at the door of the office in a daze for a moment, then heard someone calling her from the side: “Why'an…”


She looked up, and saw that Du Yuncheng was standing here at some point.
Judging from his expression, he had also heard the discussion inside.


He frowned and said, “I'll tell them not to talk nonsense.”


Su Wei'an stopped him, and when the people inside were discussing happily, he pushed open the door and walked in, put the documents on the desk with a blank expression, turned his head and left without saying a word.


Fortunately, this situation did not last long.
The results of the previous international conference came out.
Su Weian thought it was enough to have a poster presentation opportunity, but he did not expect that the organizing committee gave them the opportunity to speak at the conference!


Gu Yunzheng informed the department director of this result, Wang Huanzhong, that his department members could speak at the official international conference and increase the popularity of the department.
As the director, he was naturally more than happy, and praised Gu Yunzheng and Su Huanzhong by name at the morning meeting of the department.
Wei An: “Not long after Xiao Gu and Xiao Su came into contact with Huntington's chorea, the first experimental results were recognized by an international conference.
Everyone should learn more from them.
Scientific research focuses on thinking, and more thinking about how to change the topic It is more meaningful, instead of really becoming a “scientific research worker”, who will only repeat some experimental processes mechanically and simply every day.
In the future, everyone will support the work of Xiao Gu and Xiao Su, and hope that they will be able to participate in the work in October.
Representing our department at the international conference and completing the report excellently!”


After the director's words fell, applause rang out in the conference room, and Su Weian could feel envy mixed with jealousy in the eyes looking at them.


When the meeting ended and the director left, everyone stood up from their seats to congratulate them.
In the midst of congratulations, Su Wei'an heard other people's comments not far from them: “I heard that Professor Wen of Zhanghe Hospital will also report the results of their drug clinical trials at this conference.
The organizing committee obviously wanted to see the internal strife among the Chinese people, so they mentioned Gu Yunzheng's small cell experiment in the conference report!”


“I really can't tell! I don't know what to be proud of being used as a gun.”


Su Wei'an was not the only one who heard this, Zhang Dadong, the deputy director of the department coughed, and said: “It's not the first time for Xiao Gu to give a report at an international conference.
With such complicated thoughts, why don't you think about it carefully?” Do your work!”


The person who discussed earlier didn't expect to be caught by the leader, stood up in embarrassment, and slipped away as soon as he said he was going to the operating room.


Su Wei'an didn't bother to pay attention to others' sour comments.
The waiting time was finally up, and she was busy completing the animal experiments.


This time, her waiting was finally not in vain.
The positive rate of aneurysms reached 10%.
Su Wei'an did not hesitate at all, and immediately took samples from the rat brains to complete the staining of the slices.
She was busy for several days until late at night, but fortunately The final experimental results were even better than expected.


After tidying up the laboratory, Su Wei'an looked up at his watch and realized that it was already 12 o'clock at night.
Going back to the doctor's office, Gu Yunzheng was busy revising the bidding document.
Su Wei'an took a closer look and found that it was all in English.
She was a little surprised and asked, “This is…”


Gu Yunzheng explained simply: “I applied for an American fund in cooperation with a professor in the United States.
I submitted it to the shortlist in the primary selection before, and now I am returning to refine it.”


Su Wei'an was stunned.
It is needless to say that the American fund project proposal requires all English, but the content and requirements are also stricter than those in China.
Gu Yunzheng's surgery is repeated every week, and he has to accompany her to do experiments from time to time.
When is it going to be ready? Such a big project book came out? It's really unbelievable when you think about it carefully!


Before she had time to sigh, she heard Gu Yunzheng continue: “By the way, there is good news.
The Huntington National Nature Project we applied for before has passed, so we don't have to worry too much about the funding.”


Gu Yunzheng put it lightly, applying for a national natural project is not something for him to show off.
What he is most happy about is that the funding for this project can solve their current funding gap.


When others watched what Gu Yunzheng did, they mostly sighed that he was lucky, but behind this “good luck” was the terrifying strength and hard work?


Even Gu Yunzheng would change the bid until midnight, but he never showed off his efforts, so everyone thought he was effortless.


Originally, she was already very tired after working for several days, but looking at Gu Yunzheng now, Su Wei'an only felt that what she had done was far from enough.
She was thinking about it when Gu Yunzheng continued: “I have applied with the courtyard, From next month, we will open a joint outpatient clinic with Huntington with the chief of internal medicine, and then our department will gradually carry out the surgical treatment of Huntington.”


Su Wei'an understood, and said, “You mean DBS?”


“Well, no matter how much cell and animal experiments are done, it will be a long process to finally affect human beings, so in addition to these, we also have to start from the clinic.”


Since Gu Yunzheng said that, she must have a plan, and she should learn to cooperate with him as soon as possible.


She agreed: “Okay.”

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