Her One Smile

In 24 hrs l saw her thrice

”What happened. Why are you standing here like that? ” the person asked.

”Aiyoo~ Lian its you. ” Bo chen said dramatically.

” Why? Were you expecting someone else to be here instead of me? ” lian said while looking at Bo chen to Annyu.

” Not me but maybe An was. ” Bo chen said teasingly. ” but its okay An our lian is also from Cheng….. ”, Bo chen couldn even fininsh his sentence when Annyu turned to gave him a murderous look.

Jiang yi again laughed seeing Bo chens face how he stop talking seeing Annyus face. It feels like Annyu was going to kill him if he had finished the sentence. But before Annyu could say something to them a very familiar voice came from lians back and hearing that everyone freezed in their place as like time stopped for them.

” Were you talking about me? ” A blinking eyes pop out from the back of lian.

Jiang yi who always maintain a calm feature also couldn hold him and looked at Annyu unconciously. They all didn know what to do that time.

After some seconds of observing the situation jiang yi was the first person to go to xia and hugged her. ” long time no see xiao xia ”. After that Bo chen also gain the courage to go meet xia.

But there was only one person who still wasn moving from his position. It was Annyu. He was still standing their with his back facing xia.

”How are you An? You….. ” Cheng xia went to meet Annyu when she saw that Annyu was still standing there and didn even look at her. But before she could finish her sentence Annyu turned around and left the room without facing her.

Seeing that reaction xia somehow become a little sad even when she knew that gonna happened. ” just give him some time ” jiang yi said .

Two years ago…..

It is raining and a girl was standing under the rain fully wet and Annyu was standing under a pavilion looking at the girl. Suddenly the girl looked at him and strached her hand for Annyu to hold it.

” Do you want to feel the rain with me? ” the girl said with her signature smile. Without holding her hand Annyu was just staring at her smile as like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Suddenly Annyu woke up in the middle of the night.He was very shocked. Then he quickly looked at the clock, it was 3 in the morning. It wasn his first time waking up in the middle of the night like this but what surprise him the most was it was
t because of the past 10 years but a beautiful dream.

Wang annyu has insomnia from his childhood. He can sleep for more than 2 to 3 hours a day.Everytime he tried to sleep more than that he had a nightmare. It is the same nightmare he is seeing for those 10 years since his insomnia started. But today is the exceptional as he saw a beautiful dream for the first time.

In the dream he saw that crazy girl that was in the road holding an umbrella but never use it.Annyu was drinking his Robusta coffee sitting in the balcony. It was still rainning. He was still thinking about that girl from his dream. Her smile caught him the most .

Annyu never had any interest in any girl before. For him women are all the same, selfish and think about themselves first. But when he thinks about that girl he felt something wierd.

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