ards Su Bei’s car.

She planned to scare Su Bei.
They were in the area where Su Bei would find it difficult to dodge her car.
Su Bei would definitely have to get close to the wall of the car dealership.

In this way, Su Bei’s newly bought car would inevitably be scratched.

Xu Meiqi knew that the paint used on Su Bei’s car was high-end.
If it was scratched, she had to leave her car here for repainting.
It might even be sent back to the factory.

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It would take at least a month or two for Su Bei to get her car back.

She knew that if this happened, Su Huixian’s anger for not being able to get the car would dissipate.

While calculating, Xu Meiqi directly drove to Su Bei’s car.

While Su Bei was cautiously driving out of the shop, she noticed a car rushing towards her from the side.
It wasn’t running at a fast speed, but it wasn’t slowing down either.

“Damn it!” It was not easy to dodge the approaching car, so she got a little flustered.

Then she heard a loud bang.
The car seemed to hit something.

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Such a piercing noise startled her, and the expression on her face abruptly changed.

However, the safety performance of her car was really good.
With such a loud noise, she still sat on the driver’s seat and didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

Su Bei opened her eyes and looked straight ahead.
It was only then that she found out that her car had deviated.
And the car that rushed towards her just grazed the head of her car and hit the glass wall of the car dealership.

It turned out that at that moment, the safety function of her car had been activated.

As a result, she and her car were both fine.
But the other car grazed the bumper of her car and directly smashed the glass wall.

Manager Gao and the store manager ran out of the shop in surprise.

When Su Huixian and Luo Lili heard the loud noise, their hearts jolted.
They also rushed outside to see what happened.

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