Chapter 109: Chapter 109 Couldn’t Find out Lu Heting’s Background

Da Bao observed the car carefully.
Su Bei had said that it only cost five hundred thousand yuan.

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But from his perspective, this car was worth far more than that amount.

Its intelligent system had already exceeded the price he could imagine.
Sure enough, women were not that keen on details when it came to cars or electronic equipment.
That was why she didn’t doubt the price given to her by the car dealership.

It seemed that Lu Heting was even more extraordinary than Da Bao had thought.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t find out Lu Heting’s background.
It was actually strange.

Thus, he had to continue standing on guard for Su Bei and protect her secretly.
He couldn’t let Lu Heting know about him so quickly.

“Do you love this car?” Su Bei asked with a smile.

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“Yeah,” Da Bao replied honestly.
He liked the car so much, everything in it.

But he was still small, and his legs were too short, so he couldn’t drive it yet.
All he could do was look at it to satisfy his eyes.

Because of her new car, Su Bei fell in love with driving.
The next day, she drove to the company by herself.

After parking, she walked into the company.

She noticed a group of people talking, looking, and pointing at something.

When she looked in that direction, she saw several policemen taking Xu Meiqi away.

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Xu Meiqi’s deathly pale face looked so devastated.

Su Huixian stood aside.
Her gentle and kind face now looked lonely, and her eyes were full of resentment.

Qiu Minxuan shouted, “What are you looking at? Go back and do your own thing!”

Su Bei got curious, so she couldn’t help asking, “What happened?”

One of her colleagues answered, “You don’t know? Xu Meiqi hit your car yesterday, right? After the investigation, the insurance company discovered that she did it on purpose.
Now they’re suspecting her of insurance fraud that involves a huge amount of money.
The insurance company called the police early this morning.”

Su Bei could only say, “Oh, I see.”

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Yesterday, Xu Meiqi’s car was severely damaged after crashing the glass wall of the car dealership.
If she really did it intentionally, the insurance company would definitely not be willing to pay for her fault.

Su Bei couldn’t feel any sympathy for her.
She only deserved it.

Su Huixian walked up to Su Bei and said resentfully, “Su Bei, are you satisfied now?”

“Su Huixian, do you think I have control over the insurance company and the police? It seems like you have come out of your house without bringing your brain.” Su Bei was straightforward.
She wouldn’t be like Su Huixian, who was already angry in her heart but still pretended to be fine.

Su Huixian was rendered speechless.
She could only ball her hands into fists and dug her nails into her palms.

Su Bei turned around and went straight to Lv Shan’s office.

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Lv Shan was able to get along well with her now after weighing the pros and cons.

She looked through Su Bei’s information and found that Su Bei indeed had the strength of a supermodel.
When she was working in the United States, she had shown a good talent there.

She handed a document to Su Bei and said, “Jin Xiu is a brand in the United States founded by a Chinese.
This is a clothing line with an oriental theme.
They are currently looking for a brand ambassador, and this time, they have decided to choose among the supermodels.
I’ve already sent your application to them, so get ready for the audition.”

Su Bei had lived in the United States, so she knew this brand.
It was regarded as a mid-to-high-end brand there.
Its designs mainly involved embroidery, which was popular with customers who loved the oriental culture.

“Okay, when?”

“You’ll leave tomorrow.
Here is the sequence of the events.
Have a look.”

Lv Shan was indeed professional when she didn’t make things difficult for others.
Su Bei appreciated her working ability very much.

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