Chapter 113: Chapter113 A Legitimate Couple

But since Lu Heting was already here, he planned to spare two days to stay in the company.
In this way, Su Bei would not doubt his purpose in coming here.

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“Don’t worry, my schedule is not that full,” he said, not looking at her.
He actually came here to mainly accompany her.

He took his suitcase in and began to unpack.

Su Bei was surprised.
“You’re staying in the same room with me?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Lu Heting didn’t seem to mind.

At home, he slept in the other room because Gun Gun slept with Su Bei.

Did he really have to book two rooms when they were on a business trip.

Su Bei also felt that she had gone too far.
How could she drive Lu Heting to another room after having a busy day?

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But she knew too well that she couldn’t develop a relationship with anyone because of her illness.
If they fell deeply in love, she was afraid that he would suffer severe pain when she died.

The better he was, the more guilt she would feel.

“I mean, don’t you have a lot of work to do? If we share a room, I may disturb you.”

“Su Bei, our marriage was registered, so we are a legitimate couple.” Lu Heting walked up to her and looked at her beautiful eyes.

She had a pair of black and bright eyes.
There seemed to be glittering lights in them that made people easily addicted.

She was his woman, and he was thankful for this countless times.
He wanted to make their relationship more solid.

But he wanted to take it slow.
He wanted to give her time, and he could patiently wait, afraid that she would leave without telling him again like what she did five years ago.

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However, now that she didn’t even want to share a room with him, he felt a little disappointed.

Su Bei saw the disappointment in his eyes, but she didn’t know how to resolve it.
She said, “I… I remember that I still have some work to do.
I’ll go talk with Lv Shan first.
I’m leaving now.”

She ran out of the room as fast as she could.
She was afraid that if she stayed a little longer, she would really fall for him.

He really had this kind of magic that could make people fascinated by him.

Su Bei rushed to Lv Shan’s room.

They discussed work for a while before she returned to her room.

Of course, she couldn’t possibly stay with Lv Shan the whole night.
They were just colleagues, not friends.
It was not appropriate for her to do that.

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When she entered the room, Lu Heting had already finished unpacking and putting everything in order.
He was sleeping on the sofa, covered with a thin blanket.
The light was adjusted to night mode.

Su Bei breathed a sigh of relief.
She took a quick shower, climbed into bed, and soon fell asleep.

Lying on the sofa, Lu Heting was actually not asleep.
He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling for a long time.
His dark eyes seemed unfathomable.
He only closed his eyes again when he heard Su Bei’s steady breathing.

The audition was on the next day.

Su Bei and Lv Shan arrived at the audition venue together.

A lot of people came.
For the sake of winning, many models from S Country rushed over.
Some models from S Country who already lived in the United States also came.
All of them arrived at the venue very early.

They took turns to go in.

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But most of them only stayed inside the audition room for less than five minutes.

One model came out with a trace of fear on her face.
“It’s so horrible.
Director Baizen is losing his temper.”

“He is not satisfied with everyone.
It’s just a short commercial.
Is he looking for an Oscar queen?”

Su Bei realized that this audition would be a little challenging.

Lv Shan said, “No wonder Baizen is not satisfied.
These models are not very good at acting.
How can they meet his requirements?”

“Since he is very strict, why doesn’t Jin Xiu choose a brand ambassador from actresses?” Su Bei asked.

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