Chapter 116: Chapter116 A Terrible Choice

Fan Yinfang smiled gently.
“Well, let’s have lunch together.”

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If Su Bei was really already married, then so be it.
Director Baizen had a hard time choosing the right person to represent their company, so she decided not to interfere.

But she couldn’t help looking at Lu Heting up and down.
She had seen countless men in the entertainment industry, but she had never seen someone as handsome as him.

None of them had the same aura as him.

Who on earth was he?

Lu, what do you do?” Fan Yinfang asked.
Since Lu Heting arrived, he had piqued her interest.
Her eyes that previously looked indifferent were now filled with enthusiasm.

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Although Fan Yinfang was no longer young, she was good-looking.
With her long black hair and the embroidered cheongsam she was wearing, she looked like a perfect oriental beauty.

However, Lu Heting was not interested in her.
After greeting her, all his attention had been on Su Bei all the time.

When he heard her question, he looked at her and answered, “Just some ordinary job.
It’s nothing worth mentioning.
I work as a driver in Lu Group.”

“A driver?” It turned out that he was just a driver.
Fan Yinfang was a little disappointed.
It was a pity that such an excellent-looking man like him only ended up as a driver.

But then, her lips curved into a charming smile.
She thought that Su Bei had abandoned Du Luo and found herself an outstanding man.
It turned out that she just married a driver.

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She was a little stunned, but she smiled with satisfaction.
As long as Su Bei didn’t live a good life, she would be satisfied.
And now that Jin Xiu had given Su Bei a chance, she felt like it was her who gave this blessing to Su Bei.

Fan Yinfang handed the menu to Lu Heting and said, “Mr.
Lu, please order whatever you like.”

They were in a high-end French restaurant, and the menu was all in French.
Besides, the names of the dishes were complicated.
And there were no pictures to give the customers clues.

She was sure that even if he could understand English, he couldn’t understand French.

If he was not careful enough, he might end up ordering a bunch of spices, seasonings, or drinks.
He would become a laughingstock in the entire restaurant.

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Su Bei knew that Fan Yinfang was trying to humiliate Lu Heting.
Fan Yinfang must really believe that he was not decent enough, and he didn’t know how to order.

“Heting, let me order for you,” she said gently, feeling a little guilty for him.
Because of her, he was here being looked down upon.

“Oh, I’m sorry.
I forgot.
Lu, I didn’t know that you can’t understand French.
If I knew, I wouldn’t have chosen this restaurant,” Fan Yinfang said with an apologetic smile.

But the expression on her face became more complicated.
Obviously, she looked down upon Lu Heting, and it wasn’t hard for Su Bei to notice it.

Actually, she thought that she didn’t need to step down to Lu Heting and Su Bei’s level and give them a hard time.
Her status, age, and cultivation were different from young people.

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However, Fan Yinfang only wanted to remind Su Bei that she had made a terrible choice when she gave up Du Luo.

Lu Heting’s expression didn’t change at all.
It was as if he didn’t see Fan Yinfang’s malicious intent.
He just said to Su Bei in a low voice, “It’s okay.
I’ve been here with my boss before, so I know what to order.”

But Su Bei still felt sorry for him.
So what if he was just a driver? What mattered was he was making money in a dignified way.
Why must he come here to be humiliated?

She didn’t really want to eat, so she suddenly stood up.

But Lu Heting grabbed her wrist and slightly shook his head.
He seemed to have seen through her, so his obsidian-like eyes stared at her.

He didn’t want to waste her efforts of coming here.
Jin Xiu was a good brand, and this chance was good for her to develop her career overseas.

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