Chapter 140: Chapter 140 More Valuable than Anything Else

“Maybe it’s a gift from the fans.
Many of them know that we are shooting here today.
But I don’t know who it’s for.”

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The workers smiled and said, “No, this is not from the fans.
This is Mr.
Luo’s gift to Miss Su.
A total of nine hundred and ninety-nine long-stemmed red roses.”

“Gosh, this is too much!” someone screamed in surprise.

“Nine hundred and ninety-nine? I’m so envious of Miss Su.”

Su Huixian’s fair face looked astounding with the red bouquet of roses held in front of her.
She enjoyed the admiration and envy of the crowd so much that her mood lightened up.

Du Luo now loved her more and more every day.
Although he wasn’t marrying her yet, he was giving her everything.

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She was grateful that she had used a trick to drive Su Bei out of the Su family back then.
Otherwise, it was still unknown who all this belonged to.

Although she was confident that she could beat Su Bei, Su Bei was always like a time bomb in her life.

But now, she didn’t worry anymore.
She knew that Su Bei would not win Du Luo’s heart again.

“By the way, Miss Su, someone wants to give this box to you.” After giving the flowers to Su Huixian, a man handed a small box to Su Bei.

Su Bei took it with confusion.
She had no idea who sent it to her.

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Standing on the side, Luo Li couldn’t help but smile and say, “Su Bei, who’s it from? Open it and have a look.”

“That’s right.
Open it, and let’s see what’s inside.” Others also started to urge Su Bei to open the box.
Some of them were just curious, but some had ill intentions.

Su Huixian also wanted to know what was in the box and who sent it to Su Bei.

Su Bei opened it casually and found a bracelet inside.
It was made of shells and didn’t look very eye-catching.

But for her, it was pretty nice.
She touched it gently and felt that it was a little cold, just like jade.

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“It seems to be a bracelet made of shells,” said someone.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Maybe it’s from one of my fans.”

Her fans called themselves Bei Ke online, which meant shell.
So it only made sense for that fan to send a shell bracelet to her.

Luo Li snorted and laughed.
“Why did your fan send you shells? It’s worthless.
There are shells everywhere beside the sea.
Your fan gave you such a common thing.”

“That’s right.
It’s nothing special.” Some people also laughed.

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Su Huixian had become popular recently, and there were two prominent families behind her.
At present, she was hot, and most of the people here were on good terms with her.

Su Bei, on the other hand, was just a model who appeared out of thin air.
If she had not participated in Orisa Fashion Show, no one would care about her at all.

So when the people around heard that Su Bei received a shell bracelet, they all sneered with contempt as if it was something unpresentable.

Su Bei didn’t mind being ridiculed by others.
But she couldn’t stand that her fans were being taunted.

Her fans loved and supported her.
Now that they were being laughed at by others, she felt it was intolerable.

So she said in a loud voice, “Is there anything wrong with a shell bracelet? Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘It’s the thought that counts?’ You usually measure the value of things with money.
Do you really think an expensive gift is more significant than a genuine gift? As long as the person who has sent me this gift loves me and supports me from their heart, it is more valuable than anything else.
A card, a doll, and even a word of encouragement or greeting from my fans are enough to make me happy and fulfilled.”

Many people were struck by her words.
And they were so guilty that they shut their mouths up.

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