Chapter 146: Chapter 146 Cut off All Communication with Gun Gun

Seeing that Su Bei was not in the car, Gun Gun got in, feeling frustrated.
He pursed his lips and said nothing.

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When Mrs.
Lu saw Lu Heting, she looked a little sad.
“Heting, why are you here?”

“I’m here to pick up my child.”

Lu Heting didn’t want to have a fight with his mother in front of Gun Gun, so his voice was very restrained.

Lu knew that he was upset, so she didn’t say anything more.

But when Gun Gun fell asleep, she said, “It’s me who asked Aunt Chen to bring Gun Gun here.
Heting, Xintong is Gun Gun’s aunt, after all.
Now that his mother is gone, I can’t bear him not to be close to her.”

Lu Heting’s expression was cold, and his thin lips were pressed into a straight line.
His resistance was very apparent.

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Knowing that it was useless to argue with him, Mrs.
Lu shut up.

Lu Heting parked his car outside the Lu family’s mansion and said, “Mom, you can go back now.
I will take Gun Gun back to my home.”

Lu got out of the car and watched Lu Heting’s car drive away.
She couldn’t help but sigh.

Lu Heting drove in the direction of Su Bei’s house.

When they arrived home, he gently opened the door with Gun Gun in his arms.
Unexpectedly, Su Bei, who had fallen asleep before he left, was now sitting in the living room.

“Su Bei, why are you awake?”

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“I just fell asleep and had a nightmare.
I dreamed that Gun Gun was taken away by someone, so I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.
I was actually about to call Aunt Chen,” Su Bei explained, stroking her long hair.

When she saw that Gun Gun was in Lu Heting’s arms, she quickly walked towards him and said, “Let me take him.
Oh, my dear baby! Dreams are always the opposite.”

She finally calmed down when she hugged the little boy.

“Gun Gun, take off your clothes first and change into your pajamas before going to bed.” Su Bei carried Gun Gun to the bedroom to help him change into his pajamas.

She really liked him.
In fact, she treated him just like she treated Da Bao in her heart.

For her, they were both her sons.
There was no difference.

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“Gun Gun went to see his aunt just now,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

“His aunt? Do you mean his mother’s sister?” Su Bei finally understood.

Liao Xintong.
I’m sorry,” Lu Heting replied in a low voice.

Su Bei smiled.
“Sorry for what? It’s just normal for him to see his aunt, isn’t it? It turns out that aside from us, there is someone else who loves him so much.”

“Su Bei…” Lu Heting only felt sorry for her.

Su Bei helped Gun Gun put on his pajamas carefully and cleaned his teeth expertly.
When Da Bao was tired before, he also didn’t want to get up to wash his face and brush his teeth, so she was already familiar with this situation.

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Lu Heting said in a deep voice, “I don’t like anyone in the Liao family, and I don’t want Gun Gun to see or contact any of them.”

Su Bei looked at him and said, “I remember you said that Gun Gun’s mother had taken some secret measures to get pregnant and give birth to him.”

At that time, Gun Gun’s mother, Liao Qing, got my sperm cells from the hospital and made a test tube baby by herself.

However, Liao Qing got into a car accident and died before she had the chance to contact me.

Then the members of the Liao family came to the Lu family with Gun Gun.

At that time, we were already married, so I was very reluctant to have him.
I didn’t want him at all.

But in the end, I finally compromised and kept him.
But the condition was that the members of the Liao family had to cut off all communication with him.”

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