Don’t think too much, Heting.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.
I like Gun Gun so much.” Su Bei then poured a glass of milk for him.
“Here, drink some milk, so you can sleep well.
I know you will be fine after a good sleep.”

“Su Bei…” Lu Heting took the glass but didn’t catch her hand.
“I’m sorry.
As your husband, I shouldn’t have had contact with the Liao family.
But I still went to their villa tonight.”

“It’s okay.
You only went there to pick up Gun Gun.
For me, it’s fine if they want to see Gun Gun.
It’s not a big deal as long as they really love him.” Su Bei smiled sweetly.
There was no trace of jealousy in her eyes but only love.

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On the contrary, Lu Heting hoped to see her displeased.
He wanted her to lose her temper and tell him that she was not happy with what he did.

But none of these emotions appeared on her face at all.

It seemed that she really didn’t care much about it.
Lu Heting’s heart sank slightly, and his eyes darkened.

Su Bei smiled unperturbedly.
“Go to bed early after drinking the milk.
You have to go to work tomorrow, so don’t think too much.”

“What if I tell you that Liao Xintong likes me?” Lu Heting and Liao Xintong had never crossed paths before.
And every time he picked Gun Gun up, he tried his best to avoid her.

But he knew that Liao Xintong liked him.
As a matter of fact, she had asked Gun Gun to bring him gifts several times.
It was just that he refused to accept all of them.

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Lu Heting didn’t take this matter to heart.
But seeing the unconcerned look on Su Bei’s face, he couldn’t help asking her the question.

He wanted to know if she cared for him or not.

Even a little bit of love from her could make a difference.

Upon hearing Lu Heting’s words, the bright smile on Su Bei’s face faded a little.
She felt empty and depressed when she heard that someone else liked him.
How could this be possible? She didn’t have feelings for him, right?

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