Chapter 148: Chapter 148 My Husband Is Stylish

Su Bei convinced herself that she was just imagining things.
Yes, she was sad.
But it was not because someone else liked Lu Heting.
It was because she was afraid that someone would take Gun Gun away from her.

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Well, it must be it.

So her sadness only lasted for a second.
Her mouth immediately curved up into a smile.
“Men always like beautiful women and vice-versa.
You are very handsome.
It’s normal for someone to like you.”

“Aren’t you jealous?” Lu Heting asked, giving her an inquisitive look.

“Ha-ha! Why should I? She likes you, but you don’t like her.” After saying this, Su Bei seemed to be relieved.

Yes, a woman liked Lu Heting.
But he didn’t say that he liked her too.

So why would she feel dejected?

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He had said before that he would not like any woman.
He didn’t even care about who he married because all women were just the same in his eyes.
So what she was thinking was a little unnecessary, wasn’t it?

Su Bei quickly expelled all the messy thoughts from her mind.

Lu Heting thought that what she said made sense.
It turned out that she was not worried because he didn’t like another woman.

It seemed that she also cared about him.

He was satisfied because her simple words made him feel much better now.

“Drink your milk and go to bed.” Su Bei wanted to end their conversation.
Because if they continued to talk, she didn’t know what would happen next.

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Lu Heting drank up the glass of milk obediently.

Su Bei closed the door and thought to herself, ‘It turns out that the two girls from the Liao family both like Lu Heting.
One loved him so much that she had chosen to give birth to his son without thinking of gaining anything.
And the other one likes Gun Gun so much.’

She lowered her head and looked at Gun Gun.
He was so cute.
She really didn’t want other women to like him, let alone Liao Xintong, who was his aunt.

Su Bei was so jealous.

It would be nice if Gun Gun was her own son.

Fixing her eyes on him, she thought, ‘I wonder if Liao Xintong will like Da Bao too.
If I die, she will definitely live here to take care of Gun Gun and Lu Heting.
Will she like Da Bao as much as she likes Gun Gun?

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Well, maybe.
After all, Da Bao is also Lu Heting’s son.’

Su Bei should feel relieved that a woman would be there to love Lu Heting so much in the future.
And she would live in this house and become the hostess of this family.

But when she thought about it for one more second, she felt heartbroken.
Thinking that her two sons would call Liao Xintong mommy tore her heart apart.

Eventually, she decided to forget about it and go to bed.
She didn’t want to waste her time thinking about such an annoying thing.

As soon as Su Bei lay down, Gun Gun rolled over and hugged her.
He looked at her in half-awake state, then closed his eyes again and went back to sleep contentedly.

Actually, he didn’t like going to the Liao family’s villa at all.
He didn’t even want to see Liao Xintong.
But he thought that Lu Heting liked it that he visited them because Lu Heting had asked him to go there every month.
So he obediently went there on time.

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If only he had a choice, he would choose to stay at home with Su Bei.

The next day, Su Bei went to Feng Shang’s shooting location early.

Today, they had to be there with their partners.

It was still early in the morning, but everyone in the set was looking forward to the partners that the supermodels would bring.

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