Chapter 161: Chapter 161 Completely Overturned All Her Thoughts

Lu Heting drove straight to the nearest mall.

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He and Su Bei went shopping for clothes first before they went to eat hotpot.

Su Bei realized that he usually wore suits and shirts even on weekends.
He was very handsome, so there was really no problem with it.
Besides, his figure was perfect, and his temperament was exceptional.

However, it seemed to be a bit hard to wear such clothes all the time.
After all, he had to straighten his back at any time in such suits.

“Why don’t we take a look at casual clothes?” Su Bei suggested.

That was exactly what Lu Heting wanted.
She looked at him with a pure and innocent smile, still as lovely as she was five years ago.
In the years that passed, it seemed that she didn’t change at all.

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But Lu Heting was already twenty-eight years old.
When he thought that he was almost thirty, he felt that their age gap had suddenly widened.

His real intention of asking her to go shopping with him was to buy some casual clothes.

However, as soon as they entered the clothing store, those casual clothes made Lu Heting frown slightly.
He was really not comfortable with complicated styles.
It seemed that he still liked shirts and formal wear.

“We’ve already come to this kind of shop.
Why are you still looking at these shirts?” Su Bei took the shirt from his hand and put it away.
“Let me help you choose.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting stopped and watched Su Bei shuttle back and forth.
Finally, a faint smile crept across his face.

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A few moments later, Su Bei came to him with so many clothes in her arms.
She asked him to try them on.

Lu Heting felt a little embarrassed.
He had never worn such kind of clothes before, so he felt a little uncomfortable in the fitting room.

When he came out, Su Bei’s eyes lit up.
She exclaimed, “You look so handsome! Lu Heting, you have a very good figure.
You look good no matter what you wear.
Try these too.”

He was wearing a beige polo shirt and casual pants.

The other outfits she chose for him were jeans and T-shirts.

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Every time he came out of the fitting room, her eyes shone bright like stars in the sky.

Looking at Su Bei’s eyes, Lu Heting was no longer resistant to the clothes.
He let her choose the clothes at will, and he just put them on.
The expression on his face didn’t change either.

Su Bei was really amazed.
With such a perfect figure like his, it would be a shame if he didn’t try a few more clothes.

He was simply a natural hanger.
He looked excellent no matter what kind of clothes were on him.

The beige casual clothes highlighted his gentlemanly side.
The simple jeans and white T-shirts made a big difference on him.
He looked like a sophisticated young man.

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The casual sportswear made him look strong and hot.

Su Bei stood in front of Lu Heting and carefully helped him adjust the clothes.

When she saw Lin Yu today, she thought that he had good looks and a good figure.
It even made her feel that no man was more handsome than him.
Even Zhuang Wenhao, who was the best actor, was no match for him.

However, Lu Heting had completely overturned all her thoughts during the day.

He was better.
No, he was even the best.

Lu Heting opened his arms and didn’t resist all the clothes that Su Bei had handed to him at all.
The feeling of being taken care of by his wife filled his whole body.

Well, it was the feeling of being fully charged with energy.
It was as if his life was complete.
Even every strand of his hair was full of energy now.

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