Chapter 163: Chapter163 Another Man’s Name

A smile crept across Lu Heting’s face.
It turned out that even strangers were also friendly.
He had never noticed this before.

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It seemed that he and Su Bei had to hang out more often in the future.

He ordered some food and a cold snack for Su Bei.
Then he pushed it in front of her.

Su Bei, who had been sweating profusely, was in a good mood when she saw the cold snack.
She had just eaten hotpot, and she felt thirsty now.
So she wanted to eat something cold.

When the hotpot was served, Lu Heting started to eat by himself.
He seldom ate hotpot, but he was able to eat it in an orderly manner.

He was born with elegance, and there was an indescribable dignity in his every move.
He was still calm and graceful while eating.

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When Su Bei raised her eyes to look at Lu Heting, she couldn’t help but sigh softly and murmured, “Lin Stone, you are a star with hundreds of millions of fans.
But you are defeated by an ordinary man.”

“What did you say?” Lu Heting keenly caught the name of another man in her words.

“I said you are more handsome than Lin Stone,” she replied with a smile.

“You mean, Lin Yu?” This was the second time that he heard the name “Lin Stone” from her.

“Yes.” She nodded.

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“Are you two close to each other?” He couldn’t help but pry.

As he asked, the chopsticks with food in his hand also froze for a moment.

Su Bei stretched out her chopsticks to help him put the tender beef into his bowl and said, “Yes, I’ve known him for more than ten years.
Our relationship has been pretty good.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have helped me out today.”

She and Lin Yu had known each other for more than ten years.
Lu Heting had only known her for five years.
And she said that she was always on good terms with Lin Yu.
So were they more intimate? A layer of solitude shrouded Lu Heting’s body.

He was silent for a moment.
It was a kind of silence that was very different from his usual silence.

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“You and him…” He sat back for a few seconds to ponder.
But he still couldn’t find an appropriate way to ask her.

“We’ve met each other in the orphanage.
Don’t you think it’s amazing?” Su Bei laughed with a hint of carelessness.
“After my mother passed away, my father married Xu Zhiqin and brought her to our house with Su Huixian.
Then my father sent me to an orphanage where I stayed for two years.
It was only later that he decided to take me back home.”

Lu Heting’s heart tightened for no reason.
Was she really sent to the orphanage by her biological father for two years? What kind of a father would do that?

Su Bei was only in her early twenties now.
She said that she had known Lin Yu for more than ten years.
This only meant that she was sent to an orphanage when she was a child.
At such a young age, he had a happy and complete family.
But she had to stay in the orphanage for a full two years.

How could her father be so cruel to her?

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No wonder Su Xingfu had always been siding with Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian.
He was so unfair to Su Bei.

Su Bei was smiling brightly.
There seemed to be no pain in her eyes anymore.
But Lu Heting could feel the hidden pain in her heart.

“Su Bei…” He put his dry and broad hand on the back of her hand.
His voice was full of pity.

He swore that he would never let anyone bully her in the future.

No one had the right to bully his woman.

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