Realizing that Lu Heting wasn’t willing to give her his phone number, Su Bei faltered slightly, and a touch of regret flashed through her eyes.
Just when she was about to withdraw her hand, however, he reached out and took the gift box.

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Lu!” Su Bei exclaimed with renewed joy in her eyes.
“I’ve written my phone number there.
Please contact me after you cool off.”

“Do you think the anger of five years can disappear in a moment?” Lu Heting took the gift, clenching it with his slender fingers, and then set his glass down on the table with a thud, got up, and strode out of the hall.


He tightened his grip on the gift box until his blue veins protruded from his fingers.

‘Anger of five years?’ Su Bei wondered in confusion.
Hadn’t he said that he didn’t remember her? In that case, how could he be angry at her for five years?

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Perhaps he did remember her, but he hated her for leaving without informing him.
She had probably hurt his pride.


Su Bei thought that it would be inappropriate to chase after him.
Looking at his drooped shoulders as he walked away, she felt a little uncomfortable.
It was indeed her fault.
She had hidden herself from him for five years, and now, she had finally reappeared in front of him, but with the intention of putting a huge burden on him.

Although Da Bao was a smart and sensible child, he would still be a stranger breaking into Lu Heting’s life.

After taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Su Bei turned around and rejoined the party.
She chatted with the judges for a while.

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When it was almost time to leave, she walked over to Qiu Minxuan.

Qiu Minxuan, who was standing next to Su Huixian, said in a low voice, “Huixian, I’ve given it to Su Bei.
As long as she gives that box to one of the judges, she won’t be selected.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Su Huixian’s gentle and tender face.
Su Bei had no right to appear out of nowhere and compete with her.

Seeing Su Bei coming over with nothing in her hand, Qiu Minxuan asked knowingly, “Su Bei, where is the gift box?”

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“I gave it to someone,” Su Bei replied with a smile.
Qiu Minxuan hadn’t explicitly asked her to give the gift to any certain person.
In order to not offend any of the judges, Su Bei had given the box to Lu Heting instead.

No matter what was in the box, she hoped that Lu Heting could use it one day.


Qiu Minxuan beamed with satisfaction.
“Very good.
Go back and have a good rest.
Start preparing for the first test.
It’s in three days.”

In fact, there was no need for Su Bei to prepare at all.
By offering to “sleep” with one of the judges, Su Bei had messed up her chance at this fashion show, and she would be blacklisted in a lot more shows in the future as well.
After that, she would only be able to secure work by offering more similar “gifts” to people.
There was no doubt that she would only be able to attend low-level fashion shows in the future.

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“How are you, Su Bei?” Su Huixian stepped in front of Su Bei with tenderness and kindness in her eyes, as if they were old friends who had not seen each other for a long time.

Only then did Su Bei notice Su Huixian.
She was wearing a black gown, which made her look much more mature and noble than she had looked five years ago.
Back then, she had looked fragile and weak.

She was half a head shorter than Su Bei, so even with high heels on, she barely reached Su Bei’s height.
Only in this way did she have the confidence to compare herself to Su Bei.

Moreover, she was now the only daughter of the Su family, so she had received a lot of money and support.
Any woman who received that many resources for five years would be able to look noble and elegant.

The corners of Su Bei’s lips turned up into a slight smile.
“Not bad.
Luckily, I haven’t been killed yet.
It turns out that you are also a model that Minxuan brought here.”

Judging by Su Huixian’s clothing and the way she was standing next to Qiu Minxuan, Su Bei could immediately guess what she was doing here.

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