What was more, it seemed all too coincidental.
How could there be a child in the shooting location? And why did the child fall into the water?

Besides, why was there only Su Bei at the scene? Where were the others?

Why did Su Bei happen to rescue the child? What were so many staff members doing there?

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Unless this photo was taken on purpose, it was impossible to answer this series of questions.

Strange things were often the easiest to ferment.
Besides, the article was written in a style that told a very engaging story.
Soon, this sensational news spread quicker than the previous news about Su Bei saving the child.

The netizens were most interested in sensational news.
Thus, they immediately shared the article crazily, mocking the supermodel.
She had just become popular, but she soon had such big negative news.

The public ridiculed and questioned Su Bei harshly.

“She’s so unscrupulous.
It seems that she will do anything for the sake of fame.”

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“I think this Su Bei is pretty, but she has a bad heart.
People say that you can never really know someone.
I think it’s right.”

“How can Su Bei do this to a little child? Is she a reincarnation of a wicked witch?”

“I don’t want to see such a shameful artist appear in the public eye again.
I suggest that people in the industry collectively resist such artists who harm children.”

Su Bei’s fans tried their best to speak for her, but their power was still very weak.
They were far from being able to control such a sudden incident.

They tried their best to explain, but their words were only drowned in the curses of a large number of netizens.

Seeing the situation, Luo Li felt lucky that she had made the first move.
While Su Bei was shooting, she had manipulated the public opinion.

After this, it would be difficult for Su Bei to put the blame on her.
Not to mention that Su Bei had no evidence, who would believe Su Bei’s words?

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