Qiu Minxuan could sense a lot of hostility between the two of them.
No wonder Su Huixian had given her such a ruthless task as soon as she had seen Su Bei.

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Su Huixian’s lips curved up into a gentle smile.
“Yes, I like this job.
Minxuan, Su Bei is my good sister.
Take care of her for my sake, okay?”

Su Bei had already known that it wouldn’t be easy for her to develop her career in S Country.

In fact, she had initially reserved another person to be her agent, but that person had another matter to attend to at the last minute, so the Qian Yu Entertainment Company had assigned Qiu Minxuan to be her new agent instead.
Su Bei had accepted it, but because she was short on time, she hadn’t had the chance to investigate Qiu Minxuan’s background yet.

Anyway, it didn’t matter.
Su Bei decided to accept this challenge!

“Huixian.” A familiar, gentle male voice reached their ears.
A refined young man walked towards Su Huixian and casually put his hand on her waist.

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It was Du Luo!

Five years had passed, but here he was with Su Huixian.

From the day she had left, Su Bei had known that things would turn out this way, but she still felt a little sad seeing it in person.

Her impeccable armor revealed some flaws at this moment.

The sadness in her heart unwillingly seeped into her eyes.

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After all, Du Luo was the man she had loved in her girlhood.
Losing his trust at that time had been more unbearable than losing his love.

Although many years had passed, the pain of being distrusted by the one she loved still lingered in the depths of her heart.

Luo, you are so considerate! You come to pick Huixian up every time.
You are so lucky, Huixian,” Qiu Minxuan gushed with admiration in her eyes.

When Du Luo shifted his gaze and noticed Su Bei standing in front of him, a trace of emotion flickered in his eyes.
The last time he had seen her was five years ago.
It seemed that Su Bei was back.

She was still as bright and elegant as before.
She still looked absolutely stunning and confident.
Su Huixian was beautiful too, but in a fragile and vulnerable way.
Su Bei’s beauty and Su Huixian’s beauty sat at two extremes.

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In the past, when Du Luo was with Su Bei, he had tried hard to resist the temptation of Su Huixian’s tenderness.
But when Su Bei had done something out of line on the day of their wedding five years ago, he had finally fallen in love with Su Huixian instead.


Since Su Bei had willfully run away from home, their wedding was naturally called off.

Before long, Du Luo had chosen to be with Su Huixian.

“Su Bei, you are back.” As Du Luo spoke, he subconsciously withdrew his palm from Su Huixian’s waist.
Although he had chosen to be with Su Huixian after Su Bei ran away from home, he still felt guilty about it.

Because the truth was, he had already had feelings for Su Huixian before the wedding day.
His emotions had constantly seesawed between Su Huixian and Su Bei.
It was not until the wedding day that he had made up his mind.

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Su Bei didn’t respond, which was not really surprising to Du Luo.

Su Huixian smiled gently and said, “Su Bei, you actually picked a great time to come back.
Du Luo and I are going to be engaged soon.
You should come to our engagement party.”

“Of course I will.
In fact, I thought I’d participate in your wedding party this time,” Su Bei replied with a smile.

Su Huixian’s smile froze.
It wasn’t that she didn’t want to hold a wedding ceremony, but that she couldn’t.

Since her mother was the “homewrecker” of the Su family, the elders of the Du family hadn’t accepted their marriage.
They were afraid that Su Huixian would bring disgrace to the Du family, so they refused to accept her as Du Luo’s bride.


Du Luo was a little irritated after hearing Su Bei’s response.
As always, Su Bei was too eloquent, and too clever to control.


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