Chapter 180: Chapter 180 Does More Harm than Good

Su Huixian was also surprised.
“How could it be Luo Li?”

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She had witnessed how confident Luo Li was in winning.
That was why she had no doubt that Luo Li would win this time.

But the reality slapped her hard across the face.
Luo Li was defeated!

Wei Lan suddenly spoke again, “Everyone has a lot of doubts.
I know that you won’t believe everything you are seeing now without solid evidence.
So I will let you see how the evildoer did it.”

She then pressed the button on her phone, and the video that Da Bao had restored appeared on the screen behind her.

Luo Li’s eyes widened in shock.
The video showed the scene she had recorded.

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Her initial plan was to record herself saving Meng Meng.
If she accidentally recorded the scene when she pushed Meng Meng into the swimming pool, she could have enough time to edit it since it was her own camera.

But what had happened was not what she had expected.
The one who saved Meng Meng was not her but Su Bei.

If she hadn’t been so greedy and didn’t try to slander Su Bei, she wouldn’t have exposed so many flaws and become suspicious.

But it was too late to regret now.

Although the video on the big screen was not very clear, how she used her evil hand in pushing Meng Meng’s back was accurately recorded.

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After Meng Meng fell into the water, she didn’t immediately jump down to save the little girl.
Obviously, she was waiting for the right time to adjust the angle of her entry into the water.
In that case, she could take a more wonderful picture.

It seemed that she didn’t care about the consequences even though Meng Meng was struggling in the water.

Su Bei, who was about to change her clothes in the distance, had keenly noticed that Meng Meng had fallen into the water.
Regardless of her image, she rushed into the water and lifted Meng Meng up without any hesitation.

It was self-evident who intended to use the child to earn gratitude and fame.

However, Su Bei, the heroine who didn’t hesitate to save the child, had gotten all the ridicule.

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When the crowd saw the video in front of them, they all boiled with rage.
They were angry not only because Luo Li was vicious, but she also played tricks on them.
Everyone was used as a tool to hurt Su Bei.

Those harsh words were like sharp arrows that pierced through Su Bei’s heart.
No wonder she looked very aggrieved while standing beside Wei Lan.

It turned out that everyone was used by Luo Li to hurt the kind and innocent Su Bei.

Luo Li, who had nothing else to say, was taken away by the police.
Her legs were so weak that she could not even walk.
She was only dragged forward.

The expression on Su Huixian’s face also changed.
She had lost the chance to appear on the front cover and become Lin Yu’s partner.
‘Luo Li is such a fool! She always does more harm than good.
But fortunately, everything has nothing to do with me.

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Except for a few provocative words that I’ve said to her, the rest was her own plan.
So she has to shoulder the burden alone.’

Wei Lan walked up to Su Bei and said in a low voice, “Su Bei, I’m sorry.
And thank you so much.
I can’t imagine what kind of harm Meng Meng would have suffered if it weren’t for you.
I am not a good mother.”

“Editor-in-chief, I did what I was supposed to do, and so did you,” Su Bei said with a smile.
As a mother, she could understand how Wei Lan felt.
Wei Lan only loved Meng Meng very much.

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