Chapter 185: Chapter 185 She Will Get Very Special Care

Gun Gun was unhappy and angry.
He felt so wronged.

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Aunt Chen came out with food, chuckled, and said, “Mr.
Lu, I’ve set aside the food for Mrs.
It’s in the warmer.
She can eat it as soon as she wakes up.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting sat down and held up his chopsticks elegantly.
But Gun Gun was unwilling to eat, so he didn’t hold his chopsticks.

“Lu Gecheng, it’s time for dinner,” Lu Heting reminded Gun Gun calmly.

Actually, he felt more aggrieved than his son.
Su Bei was his legitimate wife, but they had to sleep in separate rooms because of Gun Gun.
When he wanted to kiss her, Gun Gun would be jealous and even get angry.

In any case, he was the most miserable.

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Gun Gun didn’t listen to Lu Heting at all.
He was still angry because he thought that Lu Heting took Su Bei away from him and pretended that nothing had happened.

He felt vindictive.

Lu Heting lowered his head to eat and said in a low voice, “If you don’t eat anything, you won’t grow tall.
If you stay small, you won’t have the right to hold Su Bei and protect her from being bullied.”

Upon hearing this, Gun Gun turned around excitedly, took his own rice bowl, and picked up the spoon.
Then he scooped up two spoonfuls of tomato beef brisket, piled them up on the rice, and started to gorge himself on the rice.

‘If I eat more than Daddy, then I will become taller than him.
By that time, he can’t compete with me anymore, and Bei Bei will be mine.’

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A light smile crept across Lu Heting’s face as he stroked Gun Gun’s little head gently.

In the future, when Su Bei was willing, she would give birth to a baby for him.
She was beautiful, so the baby she would give birth to must be very cute.

After the scandal, Luo Li’s agency terminated her contract without hesitation.
They also announced that they would never hire her again in the future.
She was permanently banned from their company.

Feng Shang also released a statement that they would not work with her anymore.

Moreover, she also received criticisms online.
All netizens had been scolding her.
And since her contract was terminated, she also had to pay the liquidated damages of many partners.
Then she had to face the lawsuit filed by the police.

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What awaited her was a tragic ending.

Lu Heting looked at the document sent by his assistant and said lightly, “No matter where Luo Li is, she will get very special care from us.”

His assistant immediately understood what “very special care” meant.

Luo Li had to pay a hefty price for what she had done to Su Bei.

Without a black sheep like her, the shooting for Feng Shang had been much smoother.

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Soon, everyone finished the photo shoot and the filming of the short videos.
This time, no one objected to the decision that Lin Yu and Su Bei would be on the front cover of the magazine.

As for the inside pages, Wei Lan didn’t take sides with anyone.
The spots were divided among the supermodels evenly.
After all, they were photographed with distinct personal characteristics with their partners, showing their own beauty and handsomeness.

Actually, aside from the very high standards of the front and back covers, Wei Lan always had her own principles.
She would always balance her relationships with the collaborators.

Luo Li was provoked by Su Huixian to do something stupid.
If she had known that Wei Lan didn’t have the desire to delete her photos on the inside pages, would she regret what she did?

The latest edition of Feng Shang was soon released.

With its high status in the fashion magazine industry, coupled with the hot searches all throughout the shooting, everyone had high expectations for this edition.

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