Chapter 192: Chapter 192 Verified from the Side

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Su Huixian.
It must be her!

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After all, the news that Su Bei was the brand ambassador didn’t spread widely at all.
It must be because her endorsement hadn’t made much difference.
So her team didn’t publicize her on a large scale.

Su Huixian, on the other hand, had been on the hot search for several days last time.
It seemed that the clothes of Jin Xiu that Su Huixian had worn had gained great popularity.
Those photos appeared on Weibo for countless times.
Because those clothes were beautiful, and Su Huixian also looked beautiful in those clothes, so she had left a deep impression on everyone.

Su Huixian had just suffered a blow, and now she finally regained a little confidence because of this.

She raised her head, full of confidence on her face.
Yes, the sales of Feng Shang were nothing! Because it focused on the domestic market.

But Jin Xiu was a big brand abroad, and also a brand of clothes with S Country’s characteristics.
Being a successful brand ambassador of Jin Xiu would not only conquer the world, but also make S Country proud!

Her data showed that Jin Xiu’s sales had soared in just a short time.
It was better than Su Bei’s data!

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Qiu Minxuan regained her confidence and said in a low voice, “Huixian, losing the award of Miss Perfect was a blessing in disguise.
If you become the brand ambassador of Jin Xiu, you can make up for the loss of that award.”

Su Huixian thought the same.
If she could get one of the honors, she wouldn’t lose.

Being the brand ambassador of Jin Xiu could prove that she was as good as Su Bei.

She raised her head slightly and showed a smile in front of everyone.
The smile was a confident smile.

Everyone was more clear that the brand ambassador of Jin Xiu to expand market in S Country was none other than Su Huixian!

On the stage, the host smiled and said, “So, let’s welcome Baizen, the well-known advertising director of Jin Xiu, to announce the name of the brand ambassador of S Country this time! Let’s look forward to this moment!”

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Everyone’s eyes fell on Baizen who had been standing aside.
As a powerful advertising director, he was quite famous in the industry.

Baizen walked to the stage and said in fractured language of S Country, “Su Bei!”

“Su Bei?”

“Su Bei?”

“It’s not Su Huixian?”

Everyone’s reaction was almost the same.
It turned out that Jin Xiu chose Su Bei!

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Was there any inside information that they didn’t know?

At this moment, Su Huixian was on the verge of collapsing.
The smile she had maintained just now couldn’t last any longer.

She was starting to look glassy-eyed.
She couldn’t go through with this.
How could it be possible?

According to the data from the United States, after she became Jin Xiu’s brand ambassador, those clothes that she had worn had gained great popularity.

Everyone had the same doubt with Su Huixian.
They even hadn’t known that Su Bei was also the brand ambassador before.
How could it be her?

Some people doubted, but some others responded to the objections, “As a big brand, Jin Xiu has always attached great importance to the reputation of the brand.
How can they choose anyone casually? They chose Su Bei.
It must because Su Bei’s data have convinced them.”

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“I agree with you.
Using society connections is not an easy thing in Jin Xiu.
If Su Bei could get this chance through her powerful background, then I have to say this background is really powerful.”

“I heard that a manager whose surname is Fan once played favoritism, and now she has been fired.
I heard that the whole industry has refused her to work in this industry again.”

Therefore, Jin Xiu’s choice was to confirm the endorsement ability of Su Bei and also made people learn from the side that Su Bei had made her own contribution to the high sales of Feng Shang.

Otherwise, how could Jin Xiu make such a choice with great pomp and solemnity?

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