Chapter 197: Chapter197 Test His Willpower


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Su Bei’s body trembled slightly, and her heart was still fluttering.
She couldn’t make a sound for a while.

“Don’t be afraid.
It’s okay.
It’s me.” Lu Heting stroked her soft hair and patted her trembling shoulder.

“Lu Heting, are you really here?” Su Bei was really afraid that it was just a dream.

When she woke up, something terrible would happen.

Lu Heting put his finger in front of her and said, “Or do you want to have another bite?”

Su Bei looked down at his fingers and found that there were teeth marks on his thumb, which were so deep that blood could be seen.

This was what she had just done!

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“Ah, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry…” Su Bei didn’t expect that she had bitten him so hard just now.

Lu Heting said in a low voice, “I’m fine.
It’s my fault that I didn’t remind you first.
It’s not your fault.”

When he came in just now, he saw that Su Bei was tied up.
For a moment, he choked with sobs.
He was too heartbroken to say a word, so he was bitten by her.

Besides, even if it was not the case, it still didn’t matter if she bit him.

“Are you okay? I’ll get you some medicine.” Su Bei let go of him.
She stood up and was about to leave.

Lu Heting pulled her back into his arms.

“I’m okay.
Don’t go.” At this moment, all Lu Heting wanted was to hug her quietly to make sure that he had her and would not lose her.

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Su Bei was frightened just now and could overcome the effect of the drug, but now she felt a little uncomfortable in his arms.

Her cheeks were so hot that they seemed to be able to fry an egg.

She pushed Lu Heting away in panic.

It seemed that Lu Heting had sensed something.
In his mind, he was more disgusted with Chen Hu and Wang Dong.

Fortunately, Su Bei was fine, and he was here.

He held Su Bei’s hands and looked down at her pretty face.
In fact, he had been prepared, waiting for her… He was waiting for her to accept him completely.

Perhaps this was the right time.

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He approached her face, and his eyes were fixed on her rosy lips

Under his gaze, Su Bei could not resist his tenderness.
She almost fell for his deep eyes.

She couldn’t resist his charm when she was sober, let alone at this time.

But she couldn’t do that.
She didn’t want to have any emotional entanglement with him, which would only hurt herself.

When they were apart, they would suffer more.

“Lu Heting!” Su Bei quickly got her wits.
With her hands on his chest, she asked, “Where am I?”

“The room on the top floor of the ship.
I live next door,” Lu Heting replied in a deep voice.
He looked at her with his deep-set black eyes.
He couldn’t hide the trace of disappointment in there.

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Su Bei stood up and said, “I want to take a shower in your room and stay for a rest, okay? I can sleep on the sofa.”

The light in Lu Heting’s eyes dimmed.
Obviously, she didn’t want to accept him.

He understood her fear and wouldn’t force her.
Although it was a very difficult thing to restrain himself, Lu Heting still said, “Okay.”

Su Bei didn’t mean to stay in his room to test his willpower.
She really didn’t want to go back to her room.
What happened just now made her too scared.

Lu Heting accompanied her back to his room and took his shirt as her pajamas.

She was tall and wasn’t fully covered in his shirt, so he took two shirts and handed them to her.

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