Chapter 201: Chapter 201 The Innocent One

“The top leader must be Lu Weijian’s father,” Su Bei guessed casually.

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But she didn’t expect that the top leader was the one who was with her just now.

Lv Shan barely knew the Lu Group, so she just smiled casually.

“I have an interview, right? I’ll go there.” After changing her clothes, Su Bei smiled at Lv Shan.

Lv Shan didn’t force her to show up in the event of distributing presents.

Su Bei went to find the prearranged reporter for the interview.

The stars who received gifts there were all looking forward to the appearance of Lu Weijian, or at least Di Xing Media Company would arrange someone to say something.

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However, the staff only gave some gifts to them, and there was nothing else.

“I’m so disappointed that Mr.
Weijian didn’t come.
Besides, no one from the top leadership is here.”

“You think too much.
Even if Mr.
Weijian has a crush on some female star, how can he come here in person? He can ask his assistant to take her away, right?”

“That’s right.
People like us couldn’t see those big bosses in the senior management.”

In fact, Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan were also waiting for the people from the Lu Group to come.
They wanted to have a presence in front of those bosses, but they didn’t expect that their work came to nothing.

The enthusiasm of the two turned into disappointment.

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The short trip came to an end soon.

When they got off the ship, the reputation of Su Bei and Su Huixian had been completely changed in the media and other people’s minds.

Su Bei was no longer an unknown newcomer.
They thought Su Bei had a very strong influence, and she had proven it with facts.
They believed that she was being widely recognized even in the international market.

As for Su Huixian, they had thought that she was a high-level female model.
But now, they thought she was an artist who was only focused on marketing data.
Her professional ability was doubted.

After getting off the ship, Su Huixian didn’t feel better until she saw Du Luo’s luxury car waiting for her in front of the ship.

She thought, “Other people’s evaluation is nothing.
The audience are always forgetful.
They would forget these things in a short time.
As long as I’m still the daughter of the Su family and have Du Luo with me…’

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She held her designer handbag and got into Du Luo’s car.

Du Luo smiled gently and said, “You must be tired, right?”

“Well, it’s okay.
It’s just that I didn’t expect Su Bei’s data of Jin Xiu to be like that.
If I had known it earlier, I wouldn’t have listened to Minxuan’s words and tried to spread the news that I became Jin Xiu’s brand ambassador on Weibo.” Su Huixian said apologetically, “I should have given the opportunity to Su Bei at that time.”

Her words not only expressed her apology to Su Bei, but also told Du Luo that it was her agent who did the matter of the marketing data last time.
She was still the innocent one.

Du Luo said considerately, “Forget it.
Let bygones be bygones.
Don’t think too much.”

“I just feel sorry for Su Bei,” Su Huixian said in a low voice.

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“You are too kind.
You always give priority to other people rather than to yourself.” It was what Du Luo appreciated most.

Su Huixian smiled gently, “By the way, Du Luo, what did your mother say about our engagement?”

A trace of hesitation appeared on Du Luo’s gentle face.

Su Huixian immediately realized that the Du family hadn’t agreed to their marriage.

Five years had passed, but the Du family hadn’t really accepted her!

Du Luo was also very regretful.
He said in a low voice, “I will continue to persuade my parents.
Believe me, Huixian.”

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