2155 Twins

“I was planning to leave the company after this incident and go on a trip to rest for a while before thinking about work.
I didn’t expect to be given such a good opportunity.”

“That’s great.” Qiao Weiyang smiled.
“It means that we’re fated.
Liangting, you can deal with your matters first.”

“Okay, Miss Qiao.”

“By the way, call me Weiyang from now on.”

Li Liangting smiled.
“Weiyang, I look forward to yet another pleasant cooperation.”

She thought of how she had worked for Qiao Weiyang before.
Although Qiao Weiyang was very strict with her work, she was very respectful to the people she worked with.

Therefore, everyone was willing to work for her.
After every new product was released, the sense of honor and accomplishment in everyone’s hearts was incomparable.

It was completely different from working with Qiao Jierou.

“How is it like working with Qiao Jierou recently?” Qiao Weiyang asked.

“Do you remember the new fabric I developed previously that I showed you?”

“I remember, but the technology wasn’t mature at the time, so I didn’t use it.
I told you to keep it for now.”

“Yes, Qiao Jierou upgraded the technology of the production line this time, so the fabric can be used now.
I handed over the technology to them in a separate cooperation, and they’ll pay me a patent fee.
Therefore, I have to finish Qiao Jierou’s matters first.”

Qiao Weiyang nodded.
“Then go ahead with your work.
However, you have to take it easy when working with Qiao Jierou.”

“I understand.”

After Qiao Weiyang left, Li Liangting returned upstairs.

“Assistant Li, Director Qiao wants you to go over.”

Li Liangting went to Qiao Jierou’s office.

In the office, other than Qiao Jierou, there was also Xu Changfeng.

“Director Qiao, Mr.
Xu, why are you looking for me?”

“Assistant Li, take a seat first,” Qiao Jierou said.

Li Liangting sat down, not knowing why she was looking for her.

“We’re sure we want to use your fabric.
If we sign this contract now, we’ll buy out the right to use this batch of fabric.” Qiao Jierou pushed the contract over.

Li Liangting nodded.
They had already discussed this.
As long as she handed this batch of fabric to them and got the money she deserved, she could leave the company.

She took the contract and flipped through it seriously.
When she saw the amount, she couldn’t help but frown.
“Director Qiao, Mr.
Xu, are the terms of this contract wrong?”

“What’s wrong?”

“This fabric was developed by me alone before.
I didn’t use any of the company’s resources, so it belongs to me.
But now, you’re actually saying that it originally belonged to the company… Moreover, you’re only paying me a few thousand yuan for it? Didn’t we agree that the usage fee would be 800,000 yuan?”

Qiao Jierou took it and took a look.
Only then did Xu Changfeng slowly say, “Assistant Li, this fabric of yours is actually worth a lot of money because of the technology, right? But now, our company has already mastered this technology.
You’ve only cooperated with us for a while.
We’re giving you a few thousand yuan for your hard work for the past half a month.
There doesn’t seem to be a problem, right?”

Li Liangting suddenly stood up.
Xu, you can’t say that.
Previously, when I came over with the patent, we had already verbally agreed that I would be paid for the technology.
If it weren’t for the Qiao family, I would have given the technology to someone else long ago.
I didn’t relent even when others offered me double the price.
I only want half of the price.
800,000 is already a very low amount.”

“There’s no choice.
If you want to sign it, then sign it.
If you don’t, then forget it.” Xu Changfeng’s expression darkened.

Li Liangting finally understood that they were going to trick her to the end.

Previously, she trusted them too much, so she didn’t sign the contract in advance.
It was just a verbal agreement.

However, they actually turned hostile and refused to acknowledge the previous terms!

Li Liangting suppressed the displeasure in her heart.
“Director Qiao, what do you think? Do you also think that my skills are only worth a few thousand yuan?”

Qiao Jierou crossed her arms and said calmly, “I think we’ll listen to Mr.
Xu on this matter.”

“Director Qiao! This is all my hard work! You can’t do this!”

“Assistant Li, don’t forget that you developed this during your time here.
Who knows if you’ve used the company’s resources? Besides, doing anything else during work is already against the company’s rules! It’s already good enough that we’re not suing you.
You still want us to pay for your original work?” Xu Changfeng asked.

Li Liangting argued, “The development of this patent wasn’t done by the company at all.
The former director, Qiao Weiyang, specially sponsored me and asked me to develop the fabric outside of work! It’s my personal technology! It also belongs to me! This represents my personal ability, not the company’s!”

Xu Changfeng couldn’t be bothered to listen to her.
He grabbed the document and tore it apart.
“Since you don’t even want these few thousand yuan, you must not want anything else!”

“How dare you?!” Li Liangting was furious.

However, Xu Changfeng and Qiao Jierou were fearless and shouted, “Security officers, take her away!”

“You!” Li Liangting could not resist the security officers who rushed over and was quickly taken out.

She was taken out, and there were pointed comments all around.

“Look at her.
She’s Li Liangting.
She’s been in the company for many years.
I heard that the fabrics she developed previously were all plagiarized!”

“I heard that this time, her patent was also a work of plagiarism.
Seriously… Tsk, tsk, tsk.
No wonder it was Qiao Weiyang who trained her.
The two of them are birds of the same flock!”

“Director Qiao was gentle to her and didn’t hold her accountable.
She just chased her away!”

“I didn’t do those things!” Li Liangting stood up and said loudly.

However, there were many people in the company now.
How could anyone believe Li Liangting’s words? The more she defended herself, the more accusations she received.

“Such a person should have been chased out of the company long ago!”

“Which other company would dare to hire her? Her reputation is ruined!”

Li Liangting stood at the door in despair.
Even the security officers snorted at her.

When she was working for the Qiao family, she was respected by many people.

How many other companies would want to poach her?

Now, everyone looked at her with disdain and mockery.

A moment later, her scandal spread throughout the industry.
The entire industry was talking bad about Li Liangting.

There were also some comments that went overboard.
There were even people who said that her previous achievements were obtained by sleeping with an old man and that she had no talent at all.

At the same time, Qiao Jierou announced that Xu Changfeng had developed a new fabric.

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