Chapter 215: Chapter215 Buy the Whole Building

Anyway, she had to endure the noise at home these days.

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Lu Heting turned his head to look at Su Bei.
Although she didn’t mind it, she still frowned.

Occasionally, she would look down at Gun Gun, as if worrying that he would be awakened.

Obviously, it was impossible not to be disturbed by the decoration.

After eating the meal, Lu Heting sent a message to Lu Hang, “Come over to see me.
Bring the lawyer and the money.”

“Okay, Mr.
Could I ask what are we going to do?” Lu Hang asked.

“Buy a house.”

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Of course, others had the right to decorate the house, and Lu Heting couldn’t deprive them of their right.

But if he bought their house at sky-high prices, they would not refuse him, would they?

Lu Heting sent the house number to Lu Hang and asked him to buy it at all costs.

Lu Hang was confused.
Although the house’s location was good, it was not worth Mr.
Lu’s extraordinary efforts.

What was more, the environment and quality of the community were only good, far inferior to the houses that Mr.
Lu had.

But Lu Hang didn’t think too much.
Since Mr.
Lu asked him to buy it, he would do as Mr.
Lu said.
After all, he had worked for Mr.
Lu for so many years, and he had never seen Mr.
Lu doing a bad business.

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How could he compare with Mr.
Lu in business?

As soon as Lu Hang finished his thought, another message from Lu Heting came, “Buy the whole building.”

Lu Heting decided to buy the whole building in case of any trouble in the future.

In fact, he had thought of buying the whole community.

But after buying the whole community, there would be no one else living here.
The whole community would be empty.

Especially at night, it would be very quiet, and then it would be another inconvenient thing.

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So he chose a compromise plan and bought this building.
There was no need to buy more.

“The whole building?” Lu Hang was shocked!

He was not shocked by the huge amount of money needed, but by why Mr.
Lu bought the whole building?

Did he want to rent the building? Did he want to develop hotel apartments? Or something else?

As the chief assistant of Mr.
Lu, although he didn’t often understand Mr.
Lu’s thoughts, he had always been able to roughly follow Mr.
Lu’s thoughts in business.

But this time, Lu Hang didn’t know why Mr.
Lu did this.

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But Mr.
Lu didn’t explain, so Lu Hang didn’t dare to ask him the truth.

Although Lu Hang didn’t understand what Mr.
Lu was thinking, he was efficient.

Especially with a few capable lawyers, they had already prepared the house purchase contract and just needed to go there to negotiate directly.

Lu Heting suggested that he should buy the house which was being decorated first.

It went so smoothly for Lu Hang to buy the house.
The original decoration of the house was old, and owner was about to redecorate it.
When their family just removed the old decoration, Lu Hang came to the house with money and the contract.

They wanted to buy the house at a price higher than twenty percent of the market price.
During the transfer, if their family had no place to live, Lu Hang would also pay for their room in a five star hotel for two months.

Faced with such a high price, the owner of the house was naturally interested.
With this money, their family could buy a similar house nearby.
Besides, the extra twenty percent of the money was enough for the decoration cost.
In that case, their whole family didn’t need to stint for the decoration fees.

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