change of house would affect their children’s household registration and the school records.
And other seven families, they live with elder people.
They don’t want to change the house because they think the current dwelling place is near to the hospital.
The last family has a pregnant woman.
They have just built a fertility file in the hospital nearby…”

In fact, Lu Hang could find a way to persuade the thirty families as long as he wanted.

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But these days, he had shown mercy to the remaining thirty families.

After all, for every family, changing house was a big deal.
Lu Hang couldn’t bear to disrupt their normal life, so he decided to test Lu Heting’s idea.

He didn’t know why Mr.
Lu bought these houses.
If he knew Mr.
Lu’s purpose, he would be more targeted when he solved the problem.

Hearing that, Lu Heting knew that Lu Hang was softhearted.

As the chief assistant, Lu Hang was good in everything, but not enough to be decisive.

Since Su Bei was in the car, Lu Heting didn’t say too much but only said, “I’ll think about it.”

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Lu Hang put down the phone.
His boss was a good man, but he lacked a little mercy.
If his boss really wanted to make use of these houses, there was nothing he could do.

He had tried her best!

He prayed that these families would be lucky.

The car had been parked in the underground parking lot.
Lu Heting and Su Bei entered the elevator side by side.

Looking at the empty elevator, Su Bei said, “I don’t know what’s going on recently.
There are fewer people taking the elevator.
Although it’s more convenient, it’s strange and creepy.”

After thinking for a while, Lu Heting thought that what Su Bei said made sense.

Did he buy too many houses? He had planned to use this building as the private residence, but it was indeed a little strange.
After all, this building was not designed and decorated according to the purpose of the private residence.

It seemed that he had already bought enough houses.

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