leader of the Lu Group, Lu Weijian, came to the famous female star, Su Huixian’s engagement party just to send gifts.
But he looked upset.
What happened? Did he break up with his lover or come for business?”

She portrayed Lu Weijian as a man who pursued Su Huixian but couldn’t have her.
But she also used with many questions, giving people something to think about.
After all, Lu Weijian really arrived at the scene, so Su Huixian was not afraid of being exposed to take advantage of Lu Weijian’s title.

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Lu Weijian had a crush on Su Huixian? Did Su Huixian choose Du Luo for love? Was there any emotional entanglement in their relationship? Such an article would catch the readers’ imagination.

Su Huixian was very satisfied with this article, but according to the photos taken on the spot, most of the time, Lu Weijian was with Su Bei.

She said, “Write something about Su Bei.”

Qiu Minxuan thought for a while and said, “Let’s say that Su Bei has been pestering Lu Weijian and never let him go.
It made people feel that Su Bei was buttering Lu Weijian up.
If Su Bei’s career is taking the hit.
People would take this just completely for granted.
If she becomes famous in the future, other people will say that she used the rich and powerful man and she didn’t have the real skills.
Anyway, Su Bei will never be able to get rid of this label!”

Su Huixian was satisfied with Qiu Minxuan’s ability to sum up.

Qiu Minxuan immediately handed the materials and photos to the marketing account and reporters and asked them to write the whole article according to this idea.

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The marketing account’s wording would be more exquisite.

“But there is one thing.
Huixian, what if Lu Weijian clarify it for Su Bei?” Qiu Minxuan asked.

“For so many years, have you ever seen that Lu Weijian has clarified any scandal for any female star?” Su Huixian asked back.

Qiu Minxuan knew clearly that Lu Weijian only liked playing games and was not interested in women.
Compared with games, beautiful women were nothing to him!

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