Chapter 238: Chapter 238 Lu Heting Felt His Stomach Drop

Sure enough, in the pictures, Su Bei looked at the toy models in Lin Yu’s cabinet with the same eyes.

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How to describe the expression in her eyes? It was not flattery or admiration, but the concentration and politeness when she listened carefully to others’ words.

In these pictures, someone must be explaining all the details of the toy models to Su Bei.

This person must be Lin Yu.

In comparison, it could be seen that in the photos of Su Bei and Lu Weijian, Su Bei looked like that because she was listening to others.

However, because she stood together with Lu Weijian, so those marketing accounts deliberately misled the onlookers.
They made up the story directly and misunderstood the meaning of Su Bei’s eyes.

After Lin Yu released these photos, it did distract other people’s attention.

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After all, Lin Yu was a well-known person.
According to his Weibo, it seemed that he was Su Bei’s friend and helped her clear the matter.

“My prince charming is defending Su Bei? Su Bei is really lucky! And my prince charming even showed his collection to Su Bei? No, no, I can’t accept this fact!”

“Oh my God! My prince charming’s cabinet finally appeared again! I like all of his collection! And I like him too!”

“Now that my prince charming said so, I believe that Su Bei must be innocent.
After all, birds of a feather flock together.
My prince charming’s friend must be a good person!”

“Lin Yu, don’t get involved in this! Lin Yu’s agent, please manage Lin Yu’s Weibo for him, okay?”

“Oh my God, Lin Yu and Su Bei look like a perfect match!”

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“Don’t make a match casually! My prince charming belongs to me!”

In this way, the influence of the scandal was mostly dispelled.
Many people went to check the comments of Lin Yu’s Weibo.

With a smile, Su Bei sent him a private message, “Thank you, Lin Stone.”

“You’re welcome.
After all, we know each other so well.
What’s more, Da Bao came here this morning and planned to hack Weibo’s server.
I stopped him.
He is overqualified to do this,” Lin Yu replied.

“Lin Stone, don’t let Da Bao read the gossip on Weibo! He is just a kid!”

“You know Da Bao.
I can’t control him! His intelligence quotient is higher than my intelligence quotient, okay?”

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After thinking for a while, Su Bei thought Lin Yu’s words made sense.

Looking at the bright smile on Su Bei’s face, Lu Heting thought, ‘Isn’t she browsing Weibo? Why is she laughing so happily?”

“Ahem…” Lu Heting broke the silence by coughing.
“Su Bei.”

“What?” Su Bei raised her eyes.
Her eyes were full of amorous and charming light.

Although Lu Heting knew that she was just listening to him, his heart missed a beat.
At present, Su Bei looked like the heroine in the movie.

No wonder others could decipher her eyes.

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He calmed down and said, “I’ve asked Mr.
Weijian to clarify what happened on Weibo.
He is busy, so he will do it a little late.”

“Will Mr.
Weijian help me clarify it? He is so nice!” It never occurred to Su Bei that Lu Weijian would care about such boring things in the entertainment industry.

Just now, Lv Shan had solemnly said that Lu Weijian wouldn’t help her.

Su Bei also knew that these big shots disdained the entertainment industry and might blame her for being annoying.

Lu Heting felt his stomach drop.

He was that nice man, not Lu Weijian!

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