Chapter 243: Chapter243 How Could This Be Reasonable?

Lu couldn’t change her son’s mind, so she didn’t dare to push him too hard.

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Now he was in charge of the Lu Group.
She had to save both her son’s and her own face.

She had no choice but to give up the idea of meeting Su Bei in private for the time being.

After seeing his mother off, Lu Heting gently pinched between his eyebrows.
Was this really nonsense?

If the person was Su Bei, he thought he could act recklessly all his life.

Lu Weijian knocked on the door and came in.

As soon as he came in, he saw his brother’s face full of excitement.

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“Brother, did my sister-in-law call you again?”

“Get straight to the point.” Lu Heting stopped smiling.

Lu Weijian snorted.
As expected, his brother would abandon him for his woman.

“I want to tell you two things.
One is that my game development company has released a new game and wants to find a spokesperson.
I think my sister-in-law is very good and I want her to be the ambassador.
The main female role in my game has fair skin, slender waist and long legs.
I think she is completely customized according to the image of my sister-in-law.
So, brother, can my sister-in-law spare some time?”

Lu Weijian’s words worked, so Lu Heting decided to help him.
“I’ll ask about it for you later.”

“Don’t forget it, brother.” Lu Weijian fawningly massaged Lu Heting’s shoulders and back.
He liked the business value of Su Bei.
And he thought they could reach a win-win situation.

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Lu Weijian continued, “The second thing is that I need some masters in my game club.
I found a person who didn’t join any team, but he is very powerful.
Brother, please help me persuade him to come to my club.”

Lu Weijian was addicted to games.
In the past few years, he had caught up with the development of games all over the world.
He had invested and managed several game development companies and game clubs, and every day he was addicted to them.

Every time he asked for Lu Heting’s help, it was all about the game.

However, even though he had invested so many games related industries and spent every day in games, he was not as good as Lu Heting, who occasionally logged in the game.

How could this be reasonable?

“Tomorrow,” Lu Heting said flatly.

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It’s a deal.
You must help me defeat him tomorrow!”

Before Lu Weijian could finish his words, Lu Heting began to pack up and was about to leave.

Obviously, he wanted to go back to accompany Su Bei and Gun Gun.

After the matter between Lu Weijian and Su Bei had passed, Lu Heting asked Lv Shan about it.
After the dramatic turn of the tables, Su Bei had a lot of work to do next, and the time she could stay at home was limited.

He had to hurry up.

“How about having dinner together?” Lu Weijian invited.

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“I want to have dinner with Su Bei,” Lu Heting said without looking back.

Watching his brother’s receding figure, Lu Weijian shook his head helplessly.

Lu Heting went back home.
In the elevator, there were elder people and children coming in and out occasionally.

He remembered that the thirty families were the families with children and elderly people, and it was because of Su Bei that he let it go.

He had rarely been stirred up by these things since he was a child, but at this moment, his heart was slightly soft.

When he got home, Gun Gun was leaning against Su Bei, reading a book.
Su Bei was playing games on her phone.

The peaceful scene was full of happiness.

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