Chapter 249: Chapter 249 Be Partial to Su Bei

Su Bei listened carefully and didn’t realize that the top leader was her husband at all.

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After all, what Lu Weijian said was actually quite confusing.
From his grandpa’s generation to the current top leader, ordinary people would think that the top leader should be a person older than Lu Weijian.

“This building was actually built after he took over the Lu Group.” Lu Weijian was wholeheartedly praising his brother’s achievements and laying the foundation for his brother to show his real identity in the future.

“Everyone who is able to reach the top of the industry has made a hundred times more efforts than ordinary people,” said Su Bei.

“You are right, but his talent is also amazing.” Lu Weijian admired his brother from the bottom of his heart.

“Yes, talented people still work so hard.
What should we ordinary people do?” Su Bei nodded.

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Lu Weijian kept saying in his heart, ‘You can find someone with talent and work hard to be your husband! You are already at the top of your life.
What should other ordinary people do?’

After visiting the company and returning to the office of Lu Weijian, Lv Shan had almost finished reading the contract.

She was very satisfied with the contract!

In addition to less requirements, the pay was also high, and the image created for Su Bei was also very good.
Now there were many young people playing games, and at that time, they could also publicize for Su Bei.

Sure enough, the fan was great.
Compared with other bosses who had many requirements, a fan was the most intimate existence in the world.

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“No problem, Su Bei.
We can sign it.” Lv Shan briefly explained the contract to Su Bei.

In fact, at home, Lu Heting had told Su Bei in detail what she should pay attention to.
Even though the partner of Su Bei was Lu Weijian, Lu Heting was still partial to Su Bei and reminded her in advance what she should pay attention to in order to make sure that his wife would not be tricked by his brother.
But it would be fine if his wife tricked his brother.

With a pen in her hand, Su Bei signed her name smoothly.

“Sister Bei Bei, let’s have dinner with the male artist who will cooperate with you tonight,” Lu Weijian said.

There were two ambassadors for the game this time, a man and a woman.
Other people in the company were in charge of the male artist.
Although Lu Weijian was interested in the game, it did not mean that he was also interested in the male artist.

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“Okay,” Su Bei nodded in agreement.

It was a normal social engagement for them to have dinner.
Such a matter was an everyday occurrence during the shooting.

Moreover, this time, Lu Weijian really helped her a lot.
Everything was good for Su Bei, and Su Bei would certainly have dinner with them.

In the evening, accompanied by Lv Shan, Su Bei and Lu Weijian arrived at the restaurant they had booked.

The male artist, Fang Shaocong and his agent had just taken their seats.

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After the staff of the Lu Group introduced each other, they exchanged greetings and then sat down again.

Recently, Fang Shaocong was quite famous in the entertainment industry.
He had participated in several great works in a row, and now he was a hotshot in the industry.

Just like other popular stars, he also had a handsome face.
But when people saw him in person, they would find that he was not as elegant as he was on TV, and even a little frivolous.

Su Bei had watched his TV series.
He had acted many protagonists in the TV series.
In those TV series, he was affectionate and smart.
So Su Bei had a good impression of him.

So when Fang Shaocong stood up and proposed a toast, Su Bei immediately stood up and smiled politely, “Thank you, Mr.
I hope we can work well together.”

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