Chapter 268: Chapter 268 I Don’t Understand It

Su Bei was born to be liked.
She was such a good girl and deserved everyone’s love.

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The coldness and cruelty in Lu Heting’s body faded away gradually because he saw through the identity of the “man” in front of him, and was replaced by warmth and gentleness.

What’s more, just now, Lu Heting faintly felt that Su Bei was very protective of him.

When he looked down at Su Bei, his eyes were full of warmth.

The other three people all felt Lu Heting’s change.

Feng Feifei was surprised, ‘Does he recognize that I’m a woman? It’s impossible.
Usually, only Da Bao can accurately distinguish me from Feng Ze, and no one else can do that.
In particular, Miss Su had never been able to accurately recognize me.
How could this man do that? He is indeed a threatening enemy.’

The father-son relationship was amazing! They had the same acute intuition.

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Lu Weijian, on the other hand, was still in a state of shock.
He didn’t know what his brother’s sudden change meant.
He didn’t know whether his brother would become more terrible or it was just the temporary calmness before the storm.

He looked at Su Bei, trembling with fear.
Seeing that the expression on Lu Heting’s face calmed down, Su Bei also calmed down.

She thought to herself, ‘How could Lu Heting be jealous? I’ve thought too much! He must have lost control of his emotions just because he thought his self-esteem was hit.
When he reacted, he would understand that it was not worth getting angry with another man for me.
Look, he is really calm!’

Su Bei’s face showed an expression that said, “I knew it!”

Lu Heting kept silent for a while.
He thought he shouldn’t be too rude since this person was Su Bei’s female friend.

As a husband, he should show respect to his wife in front of her friends.

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He stretched out his hand and said, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you.” Feng Feifei shook hands with him.

Although Lu Heting felt that the person had strength, he knew that she was a woman.

Feng Feifei shrugged and said, “Miss Su, I’m leaving now.
See you another day.”

She winked at Su Bei and left in a relaxed and casual pace.

Su Bei heaved a sigh of relief, “Lu Heting, that’s my friend.
We are just friends.”

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She didn’t specially emphasize that Feng Feifei was just her female friend, because she found that Lu Heting didn’t seem to care about it anymore, so she didn’t need to explain deliberately.

‘But why did I tell him that Feng Feifei is just my friend?

Did I really insert myself into the role of Lu Heting’s wife?’

Su Bei immediately dispelled this unrealistic idea.

Lu Weijian was confused.
What was going on? Could anyone tell him? Why did his brother, who had been so jealous, suddenly wipe out the jealousy?

‘Did I go to the abnormal dimension space just now and miss out what happened in the middle of the story?

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I don’t understand it!’

Lu Weijian had a lot of questions to ask, but he looked at both Lu Heting and Su Bei and didn’t know whom to ask or which question to ask.

“Oh God,” Su Bei muttered.
It turned out that her ice cream had been melted into a sticky ball in her hand.

She frowned and pouted, “My durian ice cream…”

“Never mind, we can buy another one.” Lu Heting took her hand.
He wiped the ice cream paste off her hand and took her to the ice cream shop to line up.

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