Chapter 289: chapter289 Deep Disappointment

“We are so busy recently that we’re actually a bit short-handed at the moment.
So we can’t accept the order.
You can find other companies.” Some companies were very euphemistic.

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But no matter what methods these companies chose, they all meant that they wouldn’t take the order.

They would not take the order and they couldn’t handle it.
Of course, the professional public relations company had found out that not only Lu Weijian was dealing with this matter, but also the Lu Group was involved in it.

The public relations company needed to make money, but they were not willing to offend the Lu Group at all, not to mention that Fang Shaocong was a hot potato.

Fang Shaocong’s agent suggested Fang Shaocong, “Mr.
Shaocong, let’s go abroad.
I’ll find a way here.
We can come back when things calm down.”

Fang Shaocong agreed.
He could fight against Lu Weijian head on, but he was still afraid of the Lu Group.

Besides, he thought the Lu Group would let him go one day.
Things would calm down one day.
As a male star, he could restart his career in the future.

As soon as he went out, he was surrounded by his loyal fans.

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“Baby, we love you.”

“We will always believe you!”

“We will support you for ten thousand years!”

He looked at these fans irritably.
It was not a glorious thing for him to leave now, but these people were still chasing and intercepting him.
They were really idiots!

He cursed in his mind and waved his hand to greet his fans.

Accompanied by his agent and bodyguards, Fang Shaocong was about to get on the car.

There was a burst of alarm outside, and a police car came over.

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The police got off the car and rushed towards Fang Shaocong.

Fang Shaocong ordered the driver, “Start the car, right now!”

“But Mr.
Shaocong, I can’t drive.
There are fans everywhere.
I can’t drive.” The driver looked depressed.

The police asked Fang Shaocong to get off the car.

All the fans around were quiet at this moment.

They were all the most loyal fans of Fang Shaocong, believing that all the scandals on the internet were fake.
And Fang Shaocong was framed.

Seeing the police, they were relieved.
They thought the police must come here to protect their idol!

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As long as the police came to clarify for Fang Shaocong, everything was fine!

Everyone quieted down, waiting for the police to clarify.

However, the first sentence of the policeman was, “Fang Shaocong, please come with us.”

“Why? What did I do? Go talk to my agent and lawyer!” Fang Shaocong said angrily.
He was ashamed in front of so many fans.

“We have received several charges against you.
One of them was from a staff member of your crew.
You wanted to rape her, which led to the premature birth of her baby.
She was only two months pregnant when you did that to her.
You will be charged with attempted rape.
Another intern accused you of using work as an excuse to…”

Before the police could finish his words, Fang Shaocong’s agent stopped the police and said, “We can talk about that in private.
Don’t say it in public.”

Although he stopped the police in time, those loyal fans heard it clearly in a quiet place.

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They suddenly woke up from their dreams.

Their hearts were broken into pieces.

At this moment, the feelings of love, pain, persistence and anxiety for him intertwined into the deep disappointment.

Their persistence for his dream, his efforts, his career and his pursuit for life all collapsed into the darkest shadow in their hearts.

Fang Shaocong was taken away by the police.

However, those fans stood still.
They trampled on their signboards, tore up the posters, threw away the gifts, and hugged each other and cried bitterly.

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