Chapter 292: chapter292 Fang Shaocong’s Fragile Throat Was Strangled by Fate

At this moment, he was tasting the red wine leisurely.

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His Weibo had been released for twenty minutes.
Except for some losers scolding him, he was not affected at all.

Just then, his Weibo account received a special alert.

He took his phone up and found that it was about the Fang Group.

Something good must have happened in the company.
Fang Shaocong nodded and checked the news.
But then his eyes widened, and his lips parted.

It was not a good news, but a devastating news.

The Fang Group declared bankruptcy and was in the process of asset rebuilding!

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The official account of the Fang Group released the official news, which could be regarded as the final conclusion!

Then, the marketing account and some famous accounts of Weibo received the confirmed news that the Fang family went bankrupt and the company was closed.
Professional staff stayed in the company overnight to take over the work.

Fang Shaocong’s mobile phone fell on the table with a click and smashed into the red wine glass.
The red wine was poured, and the dark red liquid stained the whole table, gurgling along the table to the ground.

‘Oh my God! Everything is over!’ Fang Shaocong collapsed into his chair.

For a moment, the news quickly gave rise to a heated discussion.
Those who were indignant before, those who had been bullied and laughed at by Fang Shaocong, as well as the fans of Su Bei, all reposted this message, and mentioned Fang Shaocong.

“Shame on you!” “Shame on you!” “It’s embarrassing!” “This comeuppance is so wonderful that I can’t help laughing!” “It’s just like a slap for Fang Shaocong, right? Come on, I will do the voice of the background music.

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“He has been proven wrong so quickly.
Fang Shaocong’s fragile throat was strangled by fate!”

“Nice metaphor.” “Ha-ha-ha, Fang Shaocong said he is going home to take over the family business.
I think he must go back and help the staff to settle how much money his family owe, right?”

“We are losers, but fortunately we won’t go bankrupt.

“People who cursed Fang Shaocong could make friends with me.
Anyone who reposts this comment can ask me to get the red envelope!”

“Good begets good, and evil leads to evil.
These words would always come true.”

“Lu Weijian and Su Bei successfully took revenge on him.
Come and talk about your feelings!” the person said and mentioned Lu Weijian and Su Bei’s ID—Invincible Swordsman and Xiao Bei.

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“The most exciting thing of the year.
I want to get drunk tonight!”

It was the first time that most people had the same attitude towards one person and one thing on Weibo.

Tonight, everyone was excited.

When Su Bei saw the message, her phone almost fell from her hand.

It was so shocking.
The Fang family went bankrupt?

What a bad luck for Fang Shaocong!

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Lu Heting took the phone away from her hand and said, “Have a good meal.”

“Don’t you ask me what happened?” Su Bei was eager to share the news with Lu Heting.
Since Lu Heting was always so calm, she was sure that he didn’t know anything about Fang Shaocong.

“What happened?” Lu Heting stopped eating and looked at her gently.

Su Bei jumped up.
“The Fang family has gone bankrupt! Fang Shaocong lost all his reserve power! Fang Shaocong is doomed!”

The corners of Lu Heting’s mouth lifted slightly, and his eyes reflected Su Bei’s smile.

Of course he knew about it.
Even the time when the Fang family went bankrupt was specially arranged.

He specially sent a surprise for the Fang family and Fang Shaocong when Fang Shaocong was glowing with pride.

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