Chapter 293: chapter293 They Looked Like a Couple

He wondered whether Fang Shaocong was satisfied with the gift?

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Anyway, Lu Heting was very satisfied with this gift.
because his girl was very happy now.

“Lu Heting, you are a prophet! What you said actually followed! Everything will come true!” Su Bei sat down and looked at him seriously.
“Promise me…”

Lu Heting’s face blushed and his heart beat faster under her gaze.
His eyes became thick.
“I promise everything.”

Su Bei said seriously, “Promise me that you won’t speak ill of me.
Say some nice things about me.
Promise me, okay?”

Looking into her eyes, Lu Heting said word by word seriously, “Okay.
May God guide you to a flat path, and may your fate allow you to meet kind-hearted people.
May the sunshine light up the sky for you in the future.”

His eyes were clear, and Su Bei’s small face was reflected in his eyes, which condensed into a wave of affection.

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Hearing this, Su Bei felt warm in her ears and her nose twitched.
Her eyes were filled with tears, and her heart seemed to be filled with some feelings.

Lu Heting was really a man who could say any flirtatious.
These emotions surged up, and Su Bei’s cheeks were flushed.

She rubbed her face and said, “I just ask you not to speak ill of me.
Why do you say so many sentimental words? But I still have to thank you.
I have accepted all these words.”

After saying that, Su Bei turned her face away immediately, daring not look into his eyes.

Where did he get the habit of blurting out such sweet words?

Seeing that she was shy, Lu Heting patted her head.

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What she didn’t know was that there was another sentence in front of these words, and also the most important one.

But Lu Heting didn’t say it directly.

Fang Shaocong suffered a crushing defeat.

Da Bao thought, ‘It seems that Lu Heting has got another score.’

Lin Yu, who was staying in the United States, thought, ‘Feng Ze, take action now.
The gap between you and Lu Heting is getting bigger and bigger.’

Director Guo, Lv Shan, Lin Moli and Lu Weijian sent congratulatory messages to Su Bei one after another.

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By the way, Director Guo told Su Bei that some videos and photos about the game advertisement she was shooting would be released with this momentum tomorrow morning, so that she could pay attention to it.

The next day, the game company released some photos.

It was a group of pictures.

In the photo, Su Bei was dressed elegantly and looked beautiful.
She held a long sword in her hand and stood opposite to Lu Bei, revealing the perfect side face of her delicate jaw.

In the other photos, Su Bei held the sword and pressed it against the point of Lu Bei’s sword.
Although Su Bei and Lu Bei drew the sword towards each other, there was a hint of affection, as if they were formalized their relationship through the sword.

The game company mentioned Director Guo, Su Bei and Lu Bei.

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Lu Bei’s Weibo account was temporarily registered by Su Bei, and there was no content on it.

Su Bei took a look at the game company’s name, which was called the Tian Xia Wu Di Game Development Company.
Sure enough, this must be named by Lu Weijian.
It was a similar style with Lu Weijian’s character.

Because this advertisement was supposed to be shot by Fang Shaocong, and now someone else replaced him.
Everyone was very interested in who shot the advertisement.

After this group of pictures released, everyone began to watch them with great interest.

The two of them were a beautiful young woman and a handsome and chivalrous young man.
But there was an indescribable similarity between their expressions.

That was to say, they looked like a couple.

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