Chapter 315: The More I Look at You, the More I Like You

Da Bao liked whoever liked Xiao Bei.
He looked at Mrs.
Lu with warmth in his eyes.

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Lu could not stop smiling.

It was such a joyous occasion.
This grandson who appeared out of thin air looked exactly like her son.
Any grandmother who wished to have a grandson would be fond of Da Bao.

Aunt Chen stood aside and looked at Mrs.
Lu guiltily.

Lu took a deep look at Aunt Chen.
She could not believe that Aunt Chen had helped her son hide such big news from her.
She did not even come back to report it to her.

Su Bei was busy stir-frying the fresh crayfish in the kitchen just now.
Now that she was done frying, she put some water in it and let it simmer before coming out.

Was there a guest?

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Why were Lu Heting, Da Bao, and Gun Gun all gathered around her?

When Su Bei came out of the kitchen, her hair was a little messy.
As soon as she saw Mrs.
Lu, she realized that the woman looked a little similar to Lu Heting.
Her intuition told her that something bad was going to happen… Was she going to meet her in-laws?

Gun Gun said enthusiastically, “Grandma, this is Bei Bei.
Bei Bei, Grandma is here to see us.”

“Mom, this is Su Bei.
Su Bei, this is my mother.” Although Gun Gun had already introduced her, Lu Heting introduced her again solemnly.

“Hello, Mom… Oh, no.
Hello, Auntie,” Su Bei said casually.
When she realized that she had said the wrong things, she quickly changed her words.

However, it did not seem right to change it.

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Fortunately, Mrs.
Lu was already very satisfied with Da Bao.
She smiled and put the jade bracelet in Su Bei’s hand.
“Call me Mom, young lady.”

Su Bei was a little stunned.
As her own family situation was not good, she had completely forgotten to think about Lu Heting’s parents and family.

It was indeed a little awkward for them to meet so suddenly.

Lu Heting helped her put on the bracelet and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Su Bei.
I came here so suddenly that I didn’t have time to tell you…”

“It’s okay.
I bought a lot of groceries anyway,” Su Bei said in a relaxed tone and soon regained her composure.

This was Da Bao’s grandmother.
She would definitely dote on him in the future.
Su Bei was happy to have someone else love her son.

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Lu Heting then invited Mrs.
Lu to sit down.

Lu looked around the house.
The decorations were new and made the place feel comfortable.
She did not know if it was the work of Su Bei or her son.

Now that she was no longer angry as compared to when she first arrived, she liked everything she saw.

Especially Da Bao.
Why was he so handsome?

Da Bao was cold and distant.
It was difficult for him to get close to Mrs.

However, this was exactly how Lu Heting was like when he was a child.
Lu was already used to it.
The more she looked at Da Bao, the more she liked him.

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Soon, Su Bei put all the dishes on the table and asked everyone to eat.

“I’m sorry, Mom.
I didn’t know you were coming today, so I didn’t get to prepare much,” Su Bei said politely.

“This is good.” Mrs.
Lu sat down and asked Da Bao and Gun Gun to sit beside her.

Su Bei nodded and passed the chopsticks to everyone.
Gun Gun asked curiously, “Grandma, what are you doing here today?”

Su Bei really wanted to know that too.

Was she here to see Da Bao? Did she have any doubts about his identity?

Lu Heting coughed lightly and reminded his mother.

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