Su Bei was not surprised to hear that because she was already used to her lies.

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However, the other colleagues had strange expressions on their faces.
They rushed over to support Su Huixian.


Since there was a team-building event today, almost everyone was here.
The artists and managers were all present, so everyone quickly gathered around the scene.


Su Huixian stretched out her hand, which was covered in blood.
Her dress was also stained with blood.
She cried, “My child! My child! Help! Someone, save my child…”


Su Bei had already taken out her phone to call an ambulance for Su Huixian, but when she heard this, she decided to put it away.


Yes, Su Huixian was indeed pitiful.
However, there was a saying that in every pitiful person, there was something to dislike about them.
Su Huixian was an example of this saying.


Su Bei pitied the child to have such a mother.

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The others called for an ambulance and hurriedly carried Su Huixian out.


The colleague who first appeared at the scene turned to Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, how could you be so cold-blooded? How could you just leave her in the lurch? We’re colleagues, after all.
You’ve crossed the line!”


“What you see may not be true.
Don’t assume what you see is the truth,” Su Bei said calmly.


The colleague was stunned for a moment.
Then, she turned around and ran out, going after Su Huixian’s ambulance.


Su Bei really did not expect Su Huixian to suddenly pounce on her and frame her.


What was she thinking?

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Su Bei was not a bad person, so she would never know what a bad person was thinking.


Su Bei was about to leave when her colleagues stopped her.


Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu were on good terms with Su Huixian, so they were all filled with indignation right now.


“Su Bei, Su Huixian said that you pushed her and caused her to miscarry.
You can’t just leave like this.”


“That’s right.
No matter what, we’ll have to wait until the matter is resolved.
Why are you leaving now?”


“Su Bei, you can’t leave this place!”

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“Su Huixian has gone to the hospital.
She may have to undergo surgery.
You have to stay!”


Seeing the situation, Su Bei said, “Alright.
Anyway, I still have something to settle, so I’ll stay.”


“What’s going on, Su Bei? What happened?” The newbie who got Su Bei’s stuffed toys just now was called Xiao Rou.
Her voice was gentle, and she believed that Su Bei would not do such a thing.


Su Bei shook her head.
“She suddenly had a stomach ache and fell on me.
I don’t know about the rest.”


“There are no surveillance cameras in the washroom.
What should we do now?”


“That’s right.
It’s impossible that there’d be surveillance cameras installed in the washroom.
No one would know what actually happened.
It’s really up to how the others want to take it.”

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Su Huixian was sent to the hospital.


On the way there, she arranged for Qiu Minxuan to release the news as soon as possible so that she could seize the opportunity to get rid of Su Bei.


Qiu Minxuan quickly posted the news on her Weibo account and looked for marketing accounts to promote it.


All of a sudden, #Su Bei Pushed Su Huixian And Caused Her To Miscarry #, # Su Huixian’s Hospitalization #, # Female Artist’s Grudges Exposed #, and other topics were trending on Weibo.


Things on Weibo had been very quiet in the past few days.
Now that such big news suddenly appeared, it naturally attracted a lot of people.


In the photos posted by Qiu Minxuan, Su Huixian was seen being sent to the hospital with a pale face.
Her dress and the stretcher were covered in blood.

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