like being kissed and Su Xiaobei liked kissing.
Sometimes, he had to put up with her.

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Now, someone could replace him and accept Su Xiaobei’s passionate gestures.
It was not a bad arrangement.

Everything in this family worked out.

At night, the two little munchkins went to bed.

Su Bei sat on the sofa while Lu Heting poured her a glass of fruit wine.
The alcohol content was only at six percent, so she would not get drunk easily.
It tasted sweet and could soothe her nerves.

With a glass of wine in her hand, Su Bei recalled the scene seriously.

“I spilled coffee on my hands, so I went in to wash my hands in the washroom.
I clearly kept my distance from her.
When she called out to me, she suddenly pounced at me and started bleeding,” Su Bei recalled.

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Lu Heting tried to persuade her to go to bed, but she refused.

“Is it really a coincidence? Of course not, because she has been blaming me since the start.
She can’t possibly pay such a huge price just to frame me, right?” Su Bei analyzed.
“It’s possible that the condition of her baby was unstable to begin with and she was bound to miscarry either way.
She knew this, so she deliberately fell while I was around to frame me.”

After saying this, Su Bei stood up, picked up her bag, and said, “I’m going out for a while.”

“Where are you going?” Lu Heting also stood up.

“I’m going to look for Su Huixian’s doctor and ask him if Su Huixian baby was in an unstable condition.
If I can get the doctor to testify for me, I can be declared innocent,” Su Bei said.

Lu Heting thought it made sense, but he was still worried about Su Bei.
“It’s late now.
It’s not safe for you to go out alone.
I can gather some information about this doctor first.
Once I’ve confirmed everything, I’ll go look for the doctor in the daytime.”

Su Bei could only agree.

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