>She cries all day long, but she always treats us well.

“Actually, my impression of her and Su Bei has changed.

“I really hope that Su Bei can take responsibility for this.
She should at least apologize to her.”

As soon as the reporters got the news, they immediately posted the articles on the Internet.
Su Bei did not even have a manager now, and Song Ruinian did not have a good impression of her.
Between her and Su Huixian, he naturally chose Su Huixian.

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After hearing the news, Qian Yu Entertainment Company did not say anything at all.

Seeing as they were not saying attacking, their silence was basically incriminating Su Bei and defending Su Huixian.

Lying on the hospital bed, Su Huixian watched the situation go out of control as everyone accused Su Bei.

The nurse came to change her IV drip, and she thanked her very politely.
The nurses had been of great help in building her image.
Su Huixian had made use of the people around her to cause a stir.

Doctor Chen came in and adjusted the IV drip for her.
Actually, the contents were just some vitamins, not drugs.

After making some adjustments, Doctor Chen sat down and asked, “Miss Su, when do you plan to be discharged?”

“Not yet.”

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Doctor Chen said, “Then give me the rest of the money first.
I’ve been under a lot of pressure recently.”

Su Huixian glanced at him.
What kind of pressure could he be facing? No one was doubting him, and he did not need to take care of her body.
It could be said that he did not need to sacrifice anything at all.

She said, “You can go back now.
I’ll transfer the money.”

“Thank you, Miss Su.”

“I still need to rest and recuperate for a while.
During this time, you still have to show up in the hospital every day.
Doctor Chen, there are still many things I need to rely on you for,” Su Huixian said meaningfully.

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