However, Su Bei didn’t bring any medicine with her today.

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“Oh, Mr.
Lu, I remember that I still have some work to do.
Please let me get off here,” she begged, trying to keep her eyes and delicate eyebrows calm.
She couldn’t show even the slightest trace of pain in front of him.

Lu Heting stopped the car steadily.

Su Bei waved at him and said, “See you later, Mr.

Her voice that rose briskly made Lu Heting’s heart skip a beat.

Watching her slender back fading away, he started the car again and drove forward.

He then took out his phone, dialed a number, and said, “I want a driver’s schedule and a small house in a common community.”

Since she liked him as a driver, then he could be a driver.

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Su Bei went to a pharmacy and bought some medicine.
She then sat down near the door.

When she thought of Da Bao, her lips curved into a gentle smile.

She took out her phone and called him.

Da Bao answered the phone immediately.
He said in a cool voice, “Xiao Bei.”

“Da Bao, Xiao Bei misses you so much.
Although we’ve only been separated for a short time, it feels like a lifetime.
Do you miss me too?” Su Bei said softly with a bright smile on her face.

“Really? But we exchange messages on WeChat every day,”

Da Bao replied.
The way he spoke was exactly the same as Lu Heting.
They were both indifferent but a little warm.

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Oh, no.
Lu Heting was not warm.
It was just her imagination.

“But messages are not enough.
They are cold.
I want to hear your warm voice all the time,” Su Bei snorted.

Da Bao still sounded very calm when he said, “Actually, I miss you too.
Your voice is also very pleasing to the ear.”

“You don’t sound sincere and enthusiastic at all.”

“I miss you so much.
I miss you so, so much.
Is that okay now?” Da Bao’s voice came through the phone again.

Su Bei nodded.
“Well, that will do.
By the way, be a good boy when you are with Mommy Moli, okay? Always listen to her.
I’ll come and pick you up soon.”

“Have you met him?”

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“Yes, I have.
He’s so handsome and elegant, just like you, Da Bao,” Su Bei replied in a joyful tone.
But there were worries buried deep inside her heart.
She had already seen Lu Heting, but she hadn’t found out what she wanted to know yet.

Lu Heting didn’t drop any hints.

‘But it’s okay.
I’ll try my best and spend more time with him,’ she comforted herself.

“He’s as handsome as me?” Da Bao asked.

“No, no, no.
I’ve made a mistake.
He is not as handsome as you.
He is almost as handsome as you.” Su Bei covered her mouth.

“Xiao Bei, maybe he is a good man.
I think you have to focus on whether he is married or not and if he has any other women.” Da Bao’s voice was as decisive and crisp as ever.

“Why do you say so?” Su Bei asked with a smile.

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“First, he has been working in the dignified Lu Group for many years.
It only proves that he has a steady mindset.
Second, he has a son like me.
Of course, it’s because of your excellent genes, Xiao Bei.
But we can’t deny the fact that his genes are also indispensable in this aspect.”

Su Bei was amused by how serious Da Bao’s tone was.
He sounded just like his father, Lu Heting.

Based on his theories, Lu Heting was totally trustworthy.

“Third, I’ve checked and found that he has never been involved in any fights, gambling, and stealing in the community over the years.


And fourth, my intuition.”

Su Bei couldn’t restrain herself from laughing at Da Bao’s words.
After a long while, she said in a low voice, “Da Bao, your judgment is very reasonable.
However, if he has already been married, it only means that you will have a difficult time in the future because we have to take care of ourselves on our own.”

“That’s not a problem,” Da Bao said in a determined tone.

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