Chapter 352: Amazing Su Bei

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“I like Su Bei, who can clearly differentiate between love and hate.
I like her!”

“I’m going to be your crazy fan!”

“That’s right.
Su Bei, look at me.
I’m a good man too.
Who does Du Luo think he is? Su Huixian, does everyone like the person you like? Aren’t you a little too arrogant?”

When the police arrived, Su Huixian finally broke down.

After hearing Su Huixian’s apology, everyone finally came to the conclusion that Su Huixian had never been pregnant and framed Su Bei.

Su Bei was innocent!

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“Su Bei is so pitiful.
She had to take the blame after just going to the bathroom.
How can a person be so evil?”

“To think that I sympathized with Su Huixian before.
She acted so pitiful.
Now that I think about it, I feel so disgusted.”

“Why is Su Huixian still a model? With such qualifications, she should be an actress.”

All the reporters present felt guilty toward Su Bei.
Initially, they had come to condemn her.
Now, they could not help but apologize.
“You can’t judge a book by its cover.
Su Huixian is the real antagonist!”

“I won’t believe someone who pretends to be so pitiful in the future!”

“Su Bei, I’m sorry.”

The fans watching the live broadcast were also apologizing profusely.

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Only those who really believed in Su Bei held a firm belief from beginning to end.
No matter what happened in the future, they would always stand on her side.

The young nurses who had sympathized with Su Huixian before looked at each other in dismay.
They felt guilty for telling the interviewers those things that ended up hurting Su Bei.

Su Huixian’s fans scattered and disappeared into the crowd without saying a word.

Only a few of Su Bei’s fans were still waving the support banners in their hands while shouting, “Su Bei, we love you!”

“I love you guys too.
Go home early and be safe.” Su Bei blew them a kiss.

The fans shouted excitedly.

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Su Bei said nothing more and left without accepting any interviews.

During the whole process, she had only defended herself and clarified the truth without saying anything more.
She looked so natural and straightforward that it made people want to scream.

Lu Heting’s car had been parked in the corner the whole time.

He had not made an appearance but arranged for bodyguards to protect Su Bei.

He was afraid that if he heard someone slander Su Bei in public, he would fly into a rage and beat up all the reporters.
After all, these reporters still had to spread the news about Su Bei’s innocence.

Hence, he waited outside.

Seeing the familiar car in the dark, Su Bei felt a sense of security.

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Song Ruinian stepped forward and said, “Su Bei, I didn’t expect this…”

Of course, he had come here tonight to support Su Huixian.

In the end, it turned out to be useless.
After seeing Su Huixian’s lies being exposed one by one, Su Bei guessed that he was not in a good mood now.

“Director Song, I have something to tell you.”

“Is it about work? Then let’s find a place to have a chat.” Song Ruinian and his assistant found a private room in a tea house and they all sat down.

Now, it seemed that Su Huixian’s reputation was ruined.
Su Bei was now an artist whom Song Ruinian had high hopes for.

At the moment, Song Ruinian had to take on some jobs for Su Bei to increase her popularity.

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