After hanging up the phone, Su Bei took out the medicine bottle and poured out two pills onto her palm.

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When she was about to pop the pills into her mouth, she realized that she had forgotten to buy water.
But before she could stand up, a bottle of children’s milk was pushed into her hands.

It was followed by a cute, childish voice saying, “Big sister, you can drink this!”

Su Bei looked down and saw a little boy about three or four years old standing in front of her.
With his round face and bubbly nature, he was so cute that she wanted to pinch his little cheeks.

The little boy looked at Su Bei with his big bright eyes.
“Why don’t you drink it? Medicine will taste very bitter, but you won’t feel it if you drink this milk.”

“Thank you.” Looking at his cute and innocent eyes, Su Bei felt her heart melt.
She couldn’t refuse his kindness, so she took the milk bottle from him and pinched his little face.
In fact, the boy was so adorable that she just wanted to take him home with her!

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The smile on the boy’s face widened when he saw Su Bei take the milk bottle.

Looking at the little boy reminded Su Bei of her other child.
If that baby hadn’t been born with a disease, he would have grown up to be as adorable as this boy in front of her.

She was sure that if that child was still alive, he would resemble her.
Since Da Bao looked like Lu Heting, the other baby must look like her.


“Big sister, big sister, what are you thinking about? Big sister?” Seeing that Su Bei was immersed in her own thoughts, the little boy anxiously waved his little hand in front of her.

When he had first seen Su Bei, he had wanted to talk to her earnestly.
But now that she had an empty look in her eyes and seemed to be in her own world, he felt upset to the point of wanting to cry.

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Su Bei came to her senses and asked with a smile, “Little cutie, where are your parents? I have to go now.”

As she spoke, she looked around but didn’t see anyone.

Gun Gun held Su Bei’s leg and looked up at her eagerly.

“Pretty big sister, my name is Gun Gun.
What’s your name?” he asked enthusiastically.

“Oh? Your name is Gun Gun? My name is Su Bei,” Su Bei said with a chuckle.
In the language of S Country, “Gun Gun” meant round and cute, so it was a fitting name for this boy.
He had short arms and a small round face.
His pure and innocent smile would light up anyone’s day.

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“Bei Bei, can you give me a hug?” the little boy asked as he held his arms open.
He could see that Su Bei was hesitating, so he clutched her legs and tried to climb up her body like a little monkey.

Su Bei couldn’t resist the little boy, so she picked him up.
Now that he could have a closer look at Su Bei’s face, the little boy beamed and said happily, “Bei Bei, you are so beautiful! Daddy said that I could marry a lovely girl in the future.
You are the most lovely girl I have ever seen! So can you be my wife?”

Su Bei was amused by his words.
“Do you know what a wife is?”

“Yes, it means the girl I like!”

“Well, you can’t get married until you are eighteen years old.” Looking at his round face, Su Bei guessed that his father must love his mother very much; that was why he had such ideas at such a young age.

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“Then can you wait until I am eighteen years old? I’ve already blown out the candles four times! If I blow out the candles fourteen more times, can we get married?”

“Well, let’s talk about it when that time comes,” said Su Bei, affectionately rubbing his round face.

“Okay, it’s a deal!” Gun Gun gave Su Bei a peck on the cheek.

“It’s a deal.”

After that, Gun Gun let go of her, and ran towards a middle-aged woman in her fifties.
Assuming t

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