Gun Gun had already walked far away when Su Bei realized that she was still holding the bottle of milk in her hand.

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Thinking of the enthusiastic words he had said just now, Su Bei smiled.
‘This child is totally different from Da Bao,’ she thought to herself.

If her other child was still alive… She shook her head, not wanting to think about it anymore.

Gun Gun, where did you go just now? You can’t talk to strangers just like that.
Your father will scold me if he finds out.” The middle-aged woman in her fifties was actually Gun Gun’s nanny, who had come to pick him up from school.

“I wasn’t talking to a stranger! Her name is Bei Bei.
She’s a lovely girl.
When I become an adult, I will marry her!” Gun Gun said happily.
All of a sudden, something occurred to him, and he shouted, “Wait! Stop the car! I want to go back!”

The driver stopped the car in a hurry.
Gun Gun immediately opened the car door, jumped out, and ran back to the place where he had met Su Bei.
But by the time he got there, she had disappeared.

He couldn’t find her anywhere.

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Gun Gun, what’s wrong?” the nanny asked, gasping for breath after trying to catch up with him.

Tears welled up in Gun Gun’s eyes.
He had forgotten to ask Bei Bei for her phone number!

She had promised him that she would wait until he turned eighteen.
But he didn’t know how to contact her.
Would she still wait for him?


When Gun Gun returned to the Lu Hu International Villa, he was in low spirits.

“Hi, Daddy.” After greeting the man on the sofa in a dull voice, Gun Gun went upstairs, feeling distressed.

The elegant man on the sofa was Lu Heting.
He put down the financial newspaper in his hand with a flash of confusion in his eyes.
“What’s wrong?”

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“It seems that Mr.
Gun Gun has fallen in love,” the nanny said in a low voice.

Lu Heting strode upstairs and saw Gun Gun sulking on the bed.

“Gun Gun,” Lu Heting called as he reached out and picked him up.

Gun Gun was so worked up that his chest was heaving in and out.
Blinking his eyes, he said, “I met a lovely girl today, but I forgot to ask her for her phone number!”

“So you are angry with yourself?”

“Yes.” Gun Gun was mad at himself for being so distracted by Su Bei’s lovely face that he had forgotten to ask her for her number.

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Lu Heting patted him on the back and asked, “Will anger solve the problem?”

“No,” Gun Gun answered slowly, pouting, but he couldn’t stop being angry.

“Calm down then.
When you make a mistake, you should learn your lesson so that you won’t repeat it next time.
Besides, if you are destined to meet this girl, you will meet her again,” Lu Heting said in a low voice.

“Will I really see her again?” Gun Gun stood up.

“I’m not sure.
But miracles do exist in this world.”

Gun Gun threw his arms around his father’s neck and asked, “Daddy, will you let me marry that girl?”

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“If you like her and she likes you, of course I will,” Lu Heting said, nodding.


Gun Gun felt much better after hearing this.
At least his father was on his side no matter what.

After the first test was over, Su Bei took rest for two days.
She bought many groceries and went to Lin Moli’s house to cook several big meals for her and Da Bao.

During this time, she had no need to travel in a car, so she didn’t use the taxi app nor did she contact Lu Heting.

Lu Heting kept looking at his phone and swiping the screen.

He would occasionally stop, only to unlock his phone again a few seconds later.

His assistant found his behavior very strange.
There was something wrong with Mr.
Lu’s mental state these days.
Although he was still doing well at work, he was not as self-disciplined as he usually was.


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