Chapter 395: One Look At The City, Then The Country

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Jian Ping smiled.
“That’s good.
I also don’t want anything to happen to Su Bei.
It’s not a big deal, and she’ll learn from her mistakes.
It’ll be more beneficial to her development in the company in the future.”

As Jian Ping left, she smiled victoriously.

Wearing a knockoff can either be a big deal or a small deal.
If it was a small matter, it could be resolved easily.
If it was made into a big deal, the whole fashion industry would suspect Su Bei and be unwilling to work with her again.

For a model who relied on the fashion industry to make a living, this was not a trivial matter.

Tang Xinru immediately asked Yue Ze to find out more about the situation and suppress public opinion.

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Meanwhile, Jian Ping called Manager Xiang and asked him about what had happened tonight.

Tonight, Manager Xiang was severely criticized by the headquarters because of the incident with Su Bei and Hao Jiali’s evening gowns.
“Su Bei is a potential partner of the company.
Why didn’t you make sure that her gown for the red carpet event was properly handled? Why did you privately lend the company’s gown to an artist who hasn’t been approved by the company?”

Manager Xiang had broken out in a cold sweat when he heard this.
He had privately lent the gown to Jian Ping’s artist.
How did the headquarters know about it? Why were they making such a big fuss?

After apologizing repeatedly, he finally calmed the person in charge’s anger.
He felt uneasy, but he also regretted privately lending the gown.

It seemed that he would have to behave himself now.
If he made another mistake, the headquarters would replace him as the branch manager in no time.

As soon as he took a deep breath, he received a call from Jian Ping.

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Manager Xiang said angrily, “Sister Ping, what else do you want? Don’t come to me again.
I can’t even protect myself now.”

Then, he hung up the phone.

Looking at her phone, Jian Ping said in a low voice, “What’s wrong with him? What did I say wrong?”

Yue Ze called YS and asked about the gown Su Bei wore tonight.

Since Su Bei was wearing a gown that was supposed to be released next year, this matter was only known by the person in charge of the headquarters and the designer, Wade.
The others in the company were not informed about this, so they did not release a statement on their official Weibo account to acknowledge the authenticity of Su Bei’s gown.

However, since the matter had blown up, Yue Ze called them.
The party called the headquarters and received confirmation.

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Yue, we’ve been informed that the evening gown worn by Miss Su on today’s red carpet was made by Wade, the designer of YS.
Please rest assured.”

“Thank you.”

After getting confirmation from the brand, Yue Ze reported this matter to Tang Xinru and informed Su Bei as well.

At the same time, Jian Ping was planning to use this incident to liaise with the brands that were hoping to work with Su Bei before this and snatch those brand deals for Hao Jiali instead.

Tang Xinru was aware of Jian Ping’s intentions and sighed deeply.

If it were not for Sheng Tang’s sake, Tang Xinru would have suppressed Jian Ping long ago.

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While Jian Ping was fighting for resources, YS officially announced that Su Bei’s evening gown was authentic.

“There’s a beautiful woman in the north.
She’s unique and independent.
She’s absolutely stunning.
@Su Bei, you and YS’ latest design are a perfect match.”

“You are my inspiration @Su Bei.”

Su Bei reposted and replied.

At this moment, Su Bei was at the peak of her career.

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