Chapter 396: Does Your Cheek Hurt?

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At present, everyone was ridiculing her for not getting the sponsorship and wearing knockoffs.
Her fans were doing their best to protect her.

YS and Wade released their statements, effectively and instantly silencing all the voices.

Those who wanted to watch the drama were utterly disappointed.

On the other hand, Su Bei’s fans rushed to say, “Please seriously confirm your facts before spreading rumors.
This is the design that’s supposed to be released next year.
YS gave Su Xiaobei next year’s design, so that’s why no one has seen it before! YS is already planning to work with Su Bei next year!”

“Our Su Bei is officially recognized by YS.
Who dares to say that she’s wearing knockoffs? What a slap in the face!”

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“That’s right.
All of you have bad taste.
You have to be slapped in the face to know the pain.”

“Just by looking at the workmanship, color, and lines, I can tell that it’s a product of YS.
I can’t believe there are still people claiming that it’s a knockoff.
I think your eyes are the real problem here.”

“Those who weren’t selected by YS, feel free to be jealous.
I’m already used to watching others be envious of Su Bei!”

“Why hasn’t the marketing account stepped forward to apologize yet?”

The fans suddenly realized that the several marketing accounts that previously questioned Su Bei’s gown had secretly deleted their posts.
It was as though everything had nothing to do with them.

Those people also secretly deleted their comments.
They seemed to have gone into hiding after receiving a slap in their face.

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Jian Ping was discussing upcoming business deals with other brands.
Although she did not slander Su Bei, she said that her artist, Hao Jiali, was more famous and barely had any scandals.
They would not make a mistake by working with Hao Jiali in the fashion industry.

“I’m sorry, Sister Ping.
Although Hao Jiali is also good, we’re more interested to work with Su Bei.” A woman stood up and said, “I hope we can cooperate in the future.”

Jian Ping stood up in surprise because the other party seemed very resolute, leaving no room for negotiation.

When she came out of the office, she opened her Weibo and found out that YS had acknowledged Su Bei’s evening gown.

The reason why Hao Jiali’s assistant could not find information about the gown earlier was that it had not been released yet.
Su Bei had gotten a gown that was supposed to be released next year!

This slap made Jian Ping’s face swell.

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No wonder Manager Xiang had a 180-degree change in his attitude toward her.

At this moment, Yue Ze called her.
“Sister Ping, many brands have extended invitations to Su Bei, but not all are a match for Su Bei’s image.
We won’t be accepting some of the deals.
Following the company’s rules, we’ll suggest that they collaborate with Hao Jiali instead.”

Jian Ping held the phone for a long time before saying, “Okay.”

Yue Ze really wanted to ask her if her cheek hurt, but he restrained himself.


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Su Bei handed three of YS’ evening gowns to Xiao Lan.
“Xiao Lan, thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s my pleasure.
Su Bei, you looked so good in these gowns.
I gave you so many gowns but no modifications were needed.
You perfectly showed off the gowns.”

Xiao Lan admired Su Bei from the bottom of her heart.

“I haven’t thanked you for telling the company about the evening gown..
Thank you, Xiao Lan.”

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