>A person who was trying to gain popularity through such means deserved this sort of outcome.

Cai Anying looked angrily at Su Bei's back.
”Sister Huixian, you're right.
Su Bei is really a wretch.
Don't worry, I'll definitely replace her and snatch all her resources! ”

”It's best if you can rely on your face to quickly cling to Lu Weijian, ” Su Huixian said solemnly.

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Snatching this man from Su Bei's hands would mean that Su Bei's resources would be halved.

Up till now, Su Huixian still believed that Su Bei was able to get to where she was today not because of her ability.
It was all because of Lu Weijian.

With this knowledge, Su Huixian knew she would never be able to defeat Su Bei.

Su Bei went backstage to do her makeup.
Cai Anying and the others also went over.

Sun Man and her assistant slowly walked in while discussing something in low voices.

”I really can't do the opening? ” Sun Man asked.

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”The brand said that the opening will be done by Su Bei.
There's no way to change it. ”

Sun Man lightly harrumphed.
Could she not just swap, then? Did Su Bei not swap during the last fashion show?

Whether or not they could change the sequence depended not only on the brand but also on the relationship between the various parties.

Sun Man said, ”I've been fighting for a wristwatch endorsement recently.
If I can be the opening here, it'll be a big help. ”

The assistant expressed their understanding and was already doing their best to work together with Sun Man's agent to help her secure the wristwatch endorsement.

Sun Man looked at Su Bei.
”Isn't Su Bei a fool? She received so many offers for endorsements but she rejected them all.
How long does she think her popularity can last? Does she think good opportunities will always be waiting for her? ”

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