Chapter 430: You’re Not Worthy Of Being A Model!

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Of course, Lu Weijian wanted to retaliate against those unscrupulous marketing accounts.
However, Lu Heting had already told him not to reply to those comments and boost that woman’s popularity.

He harrumphed and said, “Su Bei is an important figure that our company has taken a liking to.
She’s our future partner.
Don’t think too much and spread rumors.”

Satisfied, Liao Xintong hung up.

It turned out that they were just work partners who would work together in the future.

Most likely, Lu Weijian did not think much of her either.

She said to Sun Man, “Do whatever you want.
Lu Weijian has no feelings for Su Bei.”

Sun Man was overjoyed.
Then, she could not be blamed for attacking Su Bei.

Before Cai Anying was done going against Su Bei, Sun Man joined in as well.

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Online, it was revealed that on the night of HU’s fashion show, Su Bei not only bullied Cai Anying but also Sun Man!

Su Bei had only disdainfully refused to shake Cai Anying’s hand while acting all high and mighty.
However, she stole Sun Man’s job!

Originally, Sun Man was supposed to make an appearance in the middle of the show.
In order to walk one more time, Su Bei snatched her slot.

Before Cai Anying’s matter was resolved, Sun Man’s scandalous statement popped up.

Su Bei’s reputation was about to collapse.

The die-hard fans could not withstand the doubts of the outside world as well.

“Su Bei is really arrogant.
She’s suppressing newbies and stealing other people’s jobs.
How many more hateful things will she do?”

“Who gave her such confidence? She’s just a newbie who debuted not long ago.
How could she have forgotten her roots?”

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“Sun Man is already an international supermodel.
Compared to Sun Man, Su Bei’s qualifications are still very shallow.
She bullied a newcomer and stepped on her senior.
Su Bei doesn’t deserve to stay in this industry.”

“Su Bei, get out of the modeling industry!”

“I was wrong about Su Bei.
I can’t believe she’s such a horrible person!”

Su Bei went to the company.

Tang Xinru’s expression was serious.
At the moment, Su Bei’s reputation on the internet had dropped drastically.

If this continued, she would face many problems.

“Su Bei, the impact of Sun Man’s incident is very bad.”

“President Tang, Sister Lv and I are communicating with HU to obtain evidence to prove that it’s Sun Man’s fault.
However, this will take time.”

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“I trust you.
I’ll arrange for Yue Ze to follow-up on this matter.”

Su Bei and Tang Xinru finished talking.
They then walked out with Lv Shan and Yue Ze.

The entrance was already surrounded by reporters and fans.

Sun Man’s fans shouted, “Su Bei, give Sun Man an explanation! Give her back her job!”

“Su Bei, you’re not fit to be a model!”

“Su Bei, apologize to Cai Anying!”

The fans of both sides had gathered here.

Lv Shan shook her head and laughed.
“Even Cai Anying has fans now.”

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“It’s not strange to have fans after so long,” Su Bei said softly.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to let her be for a while more,” Lv Shan said.

She and Yue Ze escorted Su Bei out.

The reporters and fans rushed over.
Just then, Lu Heting walked past the crowd and strode toward Su Bei, protecting her.

He was wearing a low-profile cap and mask, so no one recognized him.
Even Yue Ze thought that he was Su Bei’s bodyguard.

However, Su Bei knew his identity.
No matter what happened, Lu Heting would always be by her side.

She felt a warm feeling in her heart.
At the same time, she was feeling courageous.

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