Chapter 438: I’m Here

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Lu Heting asked, “What happened?”

“Sun Man has been slapped in the face.
She took a sick leave and didn’t complete her work but went to drink with big shots in a nightclub instead.” Su Bei handed her phone to him.

Just as Lu Heting had predicted, everything was under his control.
He was the one who had sent these photos of Sun Man.

Lu Heting was satisfied with this result.
A smile appeared on his cold face.
“Not bad.”

Su Bei felt that it was a little strange.
“Why do you think the paparazzi didn’t try to sell the photos to Sun Man but sent them directly to Mr.

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“Perhaps there are people in the industry who can’t stand Sun Man and have taken action.”

Su Bei gently sighed.
“That’s true.
In this industry where there’s fame and fortune, even if you’re upright and not afraid of the shadows, you still have to be careful of many things.
What more with Sun Man, whose character is full of flaws?”

She passed her phone to Lu Heting again.
“Look, I just finished talking and here it is.
This comment says that even if I didn’t steal Sun Man’s jobs, I can’t erase the fact that I’m suppressing Cai Anying.
They say I’ll never be able to clear my name!”

Lu Heting sat beside Su Bei with an indescribable sense of danger on his face.

Yue Ze had tried his best, but he could only secretly suppress the news of this.
He could not thoroughly settle the matter with Cai Anying.

Lu Heting put his arm around Su Bei’s shoulder and whispered, “With me around, no one will hurt you.”

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Su Bei smiled.
He had already kept his word and did it well.
He protected her from the crowd when she was surrounded by reporters and fans.

When she was caught up in work matters, he took her out to relax.

He shielded her from the wind and rain.
He gave her his strong arms and chest to lean on.
He also allowed her heart to be in peace.

‘Thank you, Lu Heting, for being by my side.’


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Su Bei did not respond to Cai Anying’s scandal, but Lu Heting would not watch Su Bei be slandered and mocked.

Cai Anying wanted to use Su Bei’s popularity?

She had to ask Lu Heting for permission first!

He called Lu Weijian and made a series of arrangements.

Lu Weijian followed his brother’s arrangements and did not respond on Weibo.

In fact, he pretended that he did not see anything at all and ignored the photo of him and Cai Anying.

However, Lu Weijian’s interview was published in the Finance Daily this morning.

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According to the interview, Lu Weijian had been overseas recently, preparing for the International Open Competition for his gaming team!

The competition had officially started a few days ago.
Lu Weijian had been accompanying his team throughout the competition and was the one commanding them.

In other words, when the photo of Cai Anying and Lu Weijian ‘together’ was taken, Lu Weijian was in a spectator stand far away in America, watching an international competition!

At first, very few people knew about this interview.

Qiu Minxuan and Cai Anying were even less likely to pay attention to this.
Cai Anying even accepted an interview with a reporter and said, “Please don’t pay too much attention to my private life.
If there’s good news, I won’t hide it.
I’ll definitely share it with everyone.”

“Then is the matter between you and Mr.
Weijian true?”

Cai Anying smiled shyly as she fiddled with the ring on her finger.
“I can’t reveal that now.
Please wait and see.”

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