Chapter 440: Staying Home

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Su Bei regained her popularity.

Many people had also discovered that although Su Bei did not have a long-term career plan, she did her best in every short-term job she took on.
She did not create hype or get involved in scandals.
She was truly a good artist who worked hard.

Lu Weijian called from America.
“Brother, the stock price of my gaming company has risen by a lot.
I didn’t expect that by helping my sister-in-law clear her name, I would have benefited from it as well.
I heard that everyone is looking forward to our team’s future development.”

“After all, you’re making the country proud.”

“Then I’ll go and win glory for the country.
If there’s such a good opportunity next time, let me know as soon as possible.”

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Lu Heting put down his phone.
Next time? How could Cai Anying have a next time?

Lu Heting was right.
After this incident, Su Huixian had hidden Cai Anying away.

After offending Lu Weijian, Cai Anying was not only ridiculed but also had tomatoes and eggs thrown at her.

Lu Weijian’s die-hard fans were too passionate.
They even labeled Cai Anying as trash.

In order not to get into trouble, many organizers had already canceled their work with Cai Anying.

Cai Anying’s biggest duty now was to stay at home.

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As for Su Bei, she was so busy that she did not even have time to rest.

Yue Ze looked at her apologetically.
“You don’t take any long-term jobs but there are a lot of short-term jobs.
My email inbox is almost full.
I’ve already tried my best to filter them so that only the good ones with high pay remain.”

“Okay, okay, no problem.
As long as there’s money, anything is negotiable.” Su Bei agreed.

Yue Ze had previously disliked Su Bei’s attitude toward life.
For the sake of quick money, she took on a bunch of individual runway shows, giving up so many good endorsement deals.

However, he discovered that Su Bei was always hard at work to put on the best performance for each and every runway show.

Yue Ze was starting to see her in a new light.

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Yue Ze placed the contract in front of her.
“I need you to prepare for this.
For this project, just arrive at the venue tonight.”

“No problem.” Su Bei took it.

The amount of money she had in her card was increasing very quickly.
Seeing those numbers gave her a huge sense of security.

As she was reading the contract, Lv Shan walked over and said, “Su Bei, I may not be able to help you during this period.”

“What happened?”

“I… am pregnant.” Lv Shan was a little embarrassed and shy, but also apologetic toward Su Bei.

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Su Bei stood up and smiled happily.
“This is a good thing.
Congratulations! I know that your relationship with your fiancé is quite stable.
It’s good that you’re pregnant.”

“Thank you, Su Bei.
I feel bad that something like this happened when your career needs me.”

“This is a beautiful accident.
It’s okay.
Yue Ze can help me.” Su Bei had a child of her own and knew that it was not easy to get pregnant.
She could understand Lv Shan’s current situation.

Besides, she only had a three-month contract with Sheng Tang.
It was halfway over now.
If she left in the future, Sister Lv would have to find a new artist as well.

It just so happened that Sister Lv was pregnant now.
It would be some time before she gave birth, so Su Bei did not need to worry so much..
After all, her departure would only inconvenience Lv Shan in her career.

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