Chapter 446: Pushed Into Becoming A Mistress

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As Lv Shan was pregnant, Su Bei told Yue Ze that she was taking half a day off and accompanied Lv Shan for her check-up.

Lv Shan waited for Su Bei in the hospital.
However, even after waiting for a while, Su Bei had yet to arrive.

“I’m here.” Su Bei sent her a WeChat message.

“Where are you? I don’t see you.”

“Look behind you!”

Lv Shan turned around and saw a woman with heavy makeup on.
There was no sign of Su Bei.

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Upon closer look, however, she realized that the woman with heavy makeup on was Su Bei.

She was wearing high-heeled boots, very short hot pants, and big earrings.
She had casually tied up her loose hair, and her thick makeup covered her face.
It was impossible to tell that she was Su Bei.

Lv Shan laughed.
It made sense.
Su Bei was here in the hospital, and with her identity, how could she not be surrounded by reporters? Only by dressing like this could she disguise herself.
Apart from her long legs, one could not tell that this woman was Su Bei!

Su Bei walked up to Lv Shan and said, “Let’s go.
I’ll go with you.”

“Su Bei, my fiancé has already proposed to me.
He said that once the baby’s condition stabilizes, we’ll get married.” Lv Shan’s face was brimming with happiness.

“Congratulations, it’s a double blessing!”

Lv Shan used her hand to caress her abdomen, which had yet to bulge out.
She already exuded a motherly glow.

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Her nails, which she usually had henna on, had also been washed clean.
There was no makeup on her face, and she no longer looked like her usual cool and capable self.
Instead, she looked more gentle now.

Su Bei accompanied her through her prenatal check-up.
After receiving the results, Lv Shan was very excited and could not hide her joy.
She looked at the contents of the list and checked them one by one.

Su Bei recalled that when she was pregnant with the twins, she was also like this.
She had felt uneasy about it, but she was more decisive.

From the moment she decided to keep the children, she was filled with faith and courage for her life ahead.

She did not understand the meaning of the word ‘mother’ in the past, but after she had a child, she understood everything.

God treated her well and gave her Da Bao.

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She hoped that Lv Shan could give birth to a smart and powerful child like Da Bao.

Su Bei supported Lv Shan as they walked out.

At the hospital’s entrance, a woman wearing a cheongsam and a fur shawl entered.
The gloom on her face could not hide her elegance.

The woman looked well-maintained.
Although she was already in her 40s, her skin was smooth and wrinkle-free, making her look younger while increasing her elegance.

She strode towards Lv Shan and Su Bei.

When Lv Shan saw the woman, her expression became unnatural.

She stopped and said to Su Bei, “Let’s take another exit.”

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Su Bei understood and helped her to another exit.
“Is that Zhang Baozhen?”

Lv Shan was once the mistress of a big shot, and Zhang Baozhen was his official wife.

No, one could not exactly say that Lu Shan had been a mistress.
When Su Bei started working with Lu Shan, she found out that Lv Shan had been pushed into becoming a mistress.

In the beginning, the big shot lost his wife.
In the eyes of the outsiders, he was always single.

Later on, the big shot and the socialite, Zhang Baozhen, remarried in a flash.
After they got married, they kept a low profile and no one knew that they were married.

Back then, Lv Shan thought that she could marry the big shot…

After knowing that the big shot had remarried Zhang Baozhen, Lv Shan had indeed struggled for a long time before leaving the big shot.
This was the only thing she had done wrong and it was because she was too unwilling to accept that the man was two-timing.
She was unwilling to accept that the feelings she gave all turned into nothing in the end.
She was unwilling to accept that her feelings for the man turned out to be immoral in nature.

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